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Episode 54 – Live at Geek.kon 2015!

On this episode we come to you live from Geek.kon 2015 in Madison, WI! We also have a massive announcement — and that’s the Nerd & Tie Expo! It’s kind of a big deal for us.

Don’t worry — we also talk about current geek news too, including the sad news that Yvonne Craig has passed away, Hallmark’s tasteless and poorly timed Spock ornament, Fantastic Four’s production difficulties, a spy drama based off of Mythbusters might be in the works, the Constantine/Arrow crossover being a thing, and Misha Collins’s very bad day in Minneapolis.

Also, Trae shaved off his beard and it looks super weird.

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Hallmark Releases Poorly Timed Star Trek Ornament.

We were all shaken earlier this year when Star Trek star Leonard Nimoy died. We all cope and deal with these things in different ways, but looking at Hallmark’s geeky ornaments for this Holiday season has definitely showed me the wrong way to cope.


That’s right, Hallmark has boldly gone where there is no taste. What represents the Holiday season better than dying Spock? Its not just that, its TALKING, DYING SPOCK. Yes, for only $30, you can relive the traumatic experience of losing Spock when it hasn’t even been a year since the actor playing him actually died.

I’m not saying this shouldn’t exist. I’m just certain that the timing is hilariously bad.

Episode 42 – Lacking an Answer

On this episode we mourn the loss of Leonard Nimoy, check out that Walking Dead town that’s for sale, discuss the Power Rangers fan film of the moment, ponder Wonder Woman’s production schedule, and discuss the latest news about CBS’s Supergirl.

Nick also went to PlattCon, and had a good time.

We’re sorry for the audio quality this episode (with the clickings and poppings). There was a software glitch which we didn’t have time to fix.

Just pretend it’s on vinyl or something.

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Remembering Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy passed away this morning in his home. His death was due to his battle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which he had also been recently hospitalized for. He was 83 years old.

It’s hard for me to describe how much a man I’ve never met has meant to me. It took me twenty minutes to write the first sentence of this article. I remember as a kid watching reruns of the original Star Trek and just being in awe of the man. When my brother, sister and I would play pretend, my older sister always wanted to be Captain Kirk (because she wanted to be in charge) and my younger brother pretended to be McCoy.

I always picked Spock.

I think my siblings must have thought it was because that’s what was left, but no — he was always my first choice. Growing up I, like many of the people who read this blog, was an outsider. I never really felt like I was a part of what was around me, and Spock, a half alien alone on a ship of humans, was who I related to. But Spock still found a place there, and that gave me the hope I needed. I knew that I would find my place.

And that, in many ways, saved my life.

Leonard Nimoy never knew me, but his performance on that show is part of why I’m still here typing these words. He touched so many people, and the world is a little less bright without him.