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Episode 53 – Highly Anticipated

On this fortnight’s installment of the podcast, we discuss the new Deadpool trailer, how we’re grateful that we won’t have to watch Uncle Ben die in the next Spider-Man movie, the bizarreness of a post-Apocalyptic adaptation of Little Women (you read that right), how The Dark Tower film(s) seem finally on track, Galacticon’s bizarre staff drama, Anime California’s inappropriate actions towards Summoner’s Cafe, and how we’re all super happy to be attending Geek.kon!

It’ll be fun. We have some big news for you there.

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The CW Plans To Adapt “Little Women” Into a Post-Apocalyptic SciFi Show?

Look, I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never actually read Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t take place in a post-Apocalyptic dystopian future. I’m also pretty sure said Little Women weren’t uncovering a vast and complicated conspiracy.

I mean, I’m mostly sure. Like I said, I haven’t read it.

Apparently though, if I end up watching the Little Women TV series currently in development at The CW, that’s exactly what I’ll get. And that’s super weird, right? I mean, I’m all for shoe-horning in more post-Apocalyptic dramas… but Little Women? That is an absolutely bizarre decision.

I am very, very confused right now.

Via The Wrap