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Episode 97 – Live at No Brand Con 2017!

On this (audio only) episode of Nerd & Tie, your three hosts have gathered in the Wisconsin Dells to do an episode of the show live at No Brand Con 2017! We discuss the first trailer for The Last Jedi, celebrate the return of Mystery Science Theater 3000, contemplate Monica Valentinelli and Tad William’s withdrawal from Odyssey Con, and marvel at the fall of Rocky Mountain Fur Con.

We were tight on time, so there’s not a lot of audience interaction – but we did remember to mock Arcemise.

He deserved it.

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Episode 80 – Live at Geek.kon 2016!

This episode of Nerd & Tie was recorded at Geek.kon 2016 at the Madison Marriott West in front of a live studio audience. We’re also continuing our “audio only” streak, because (frankly) it’s easier to set up and tear down at conventions.

We tackle the hard pressing issues this fortnight, like Shatner almost apologizing for Star Trek V, and director Doug Liman moving from the Fox/Marvel Gambit production to DC’s Justice League Dark movie “Dark Universe.” We also cover some lighter fare… like how the reveal that Zendaya’s Spider-Man: Homecoming character is none other than Mary Jane Watson showed us all exactly how many racists we hadn’t weeded out of our Facebook feeds yet.

The CW Seed’s new webseries also looks pretty cool, and (in a pretty weird story) Wizard World Chicago almost let a gun dealer vend.

It’s been a weird couple of weeks.

Episode 71 – Live at No Brand Con 2016!

Recorded before a live audience at the lovely Chula Vista Resort in the Wisconsin Dells, on this live episode of Nerd & Tie we discuss the first Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer, let Nick fanboy about the Godzilla Resurgence trailer, continue to look closely at the ever living clusterf**k that is Wine Country Comic Con, roll our eyes at YourMiniCon’s mounting issues, and contemplate Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s title.

Oh, and we talk directly to some of you while you’re in the room — and try to start a rumor that Sean Corse of Famicom Dojo got mauled by a gazelle.

Live shows are fun like that. No Brand Con shows especially.

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Find us at No Brand Con 2016!

So we’re heading to No Brand Con tomorrow in the Wisconsin Dells. As per normal, we’re bringing the full show of awesomeness, and Pher and Nick are doing their Otaku Tonight thing too… so yeah it’ll be fun.

And I totally copied that first paragraph from our post about this from last year. I mean, with a tweak to the city name, but still.

All con long, you can stop by the Nerd & Tie Expo table and register for our upcoming convention in Eau Claire, WI. Pher will be there most of Friday and Saturday, and Nick and Trae will be there at various points throughout the weekend. Some of the Nerd & Tie team you never see publicly will be there too — and they want to be your best friends.

Nick and I (Trae) will be scattered throughout the Artist Alley as well, so you should stop by their tables and say hello. It’s fun. But besides random table sitting, we’re doing panels too. Here’s our full schedule! Continue reading Find us at No Brand Con 2016!

Episode 54 – Live at Geek.kon 2015!

On this episode we come to you live from Geek.kon 2015 in Madison, WI! We also have a massive announcement — and that’s the Nerd & Tie Expo! It’s kind of a big deal for us.

Don’t worry — we also talk about current geek news too, including the sad news that Yvonne Craig has passed away, Hallmark’s tasteless and poorly timed Spock ornament, Fantastic Four’s production difficulties, a spy drama based off of Mythbusters might be in the works, the Constantine/Arrow crossover being a thing, and Misha Collins’s very bad day in Minneapolis.

Also, Trae shaved off his beard and it looks super weird.

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Find Nerd & Tie at Geek.kon 2015!

Hey, you guys know that this weekend we’re headed to Madison, WI for Geek.kon 2015, right? I mean, we’ve said it enough times already. Also, it’s at Geek.kon 2015 where we’ll be making a MASSIVE ANNOUNCEMENT that is kind of super huge.

Like “Wisconsin con scene changing” super huge.

We know you want to be a part of it, or at least find out as much as you can faster than anyone else! Or maybe you just want to hang out. We like hanging out.

Hanging out is fun.

Anyway, we’re doing NERD & TIE LIVE! on Sunday Morning at 9:30am — which is pretty awesome. But besides that, you can find us all over the con. Where? Well, I’ll just direct you to Geek.kon’s handy dandy scheduling tool. Unfortunately, Geek.kon seems to think Pher and Nick are multiple people, so I’ve broken down their various identities here:

Where to find Trae

Where to find Nick

Where to find Pher

We hope to see you there!

Episode 46 – Live at No Brand Con 2015

This is the weirdest episode we’ve ever done in the history of Nerd & Tie. I’m serious – we’ve never been this strange before, and likely never will again. This episode was recorded live at No Brand Con 2015 in Eau Claire, WI.

The final No Brand Con in Eau Claire in fact.

Our biggest story is No Brand Con’s announcement they’re moving to the Wisconsin Dells in 2016 (and this dominates a pretty huge part of the episode – including a live Q&A with the audience since two of us are former staffers of this event), but we also talk about Iceman’s sexuality in Marvel’s main comic universe as well as the Galaxy Quest TV adaptation.

And then we start reading your letters and things get weird.

Who am I kidding, they were weird long before we got there. This episode is also called what happens when we decided to get Pher drunk before recording the podcast and give the audience a microphone.

Stuff to read:

Special: Live at Daisho Con 2014!

On this very special live episode of Nerd & Tie, recorded live at Daisho Con 2014, we devote the show to you, the listener. That’s right, it’s our first feedback special, where we answer your letters and directly respond to members of the audience live at the Kalahari Resort in the Wisconsin Dells!

It’s exciting!

Video Version:

Audio Version:

Find Nerd & Tie at Daisho Con 2014!

Nick, Pher and myself will be all over Daisho Con starting tomorrow in the Wisconsin Dells. The Kalahari Resort shall, indeed, be our geeky playground. We thought we’d tell you where to find us at the event though, in case you also happen to be there. We have days and times for our events, but not rooms – so please check the event guidebook.

Where to find all three of us:

9:00AM Sunday: Nerd & Tie LIVE!
We’re doing a live version of the show in front of whoever feels like getting up that early with us Sunday morning! This is our listener feedback special (and not a regular episode), so we’ll answer questions from the audience and anything you send in to our contact form before Sunday morning. It should be a ton of fun, mostly because of how out of it Nick and I expect Pher to be.

Where to find Nick and Pher

Pher and Nick will be doing various Otaku Tonight events throughout the conventions — and here’s what they are:

10:00PM Friday: One Night Stand (Up)

10:00AM Saturday: Match Game

3:30 PM Saturday: The Guy with the Secret Kung Fu

8:00PM: Saturday: Otaku Tonight with Professor Pher

9:00PM Saturday: Whose Line is it Anime?

Finally, I (Trae) will be in the Artist Alley for most of the event. So if you want to find me and it’s daylight, that’s where I’ll be.