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MUSIC102 – Introspection for Beginners (2/11/2016)

Professor Pher’s Music Study Hall returns for another weeks of music from some of the more interesting independent music acts out there right now. On this episode Pher brings you songs of deep introspection, heavy metal, and some Harry Potter fanfic. Like the previous episode, it’s eclectic.

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Where to find the music in this episode:

The opening music is “Darkness Rises” by Lt. Snorkel.

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Missing ‘No Boys Dorm’ Already? Listen to the ‘Lt. Snorkel’ Theme Song Cover

Last week saw the first season finale of No Boys Dorm, the shoujo inspired webseries brought to the world by the same people who made the (My) Immortal webseries adaptation. We’re big fans of the show here at Nerd & Tie, and I personally spent a lot of time watching the show repeatedly for our episode recaps.

Which means I heard the opening and ending songs a lot.

Like way more than probably any other viewer I’d bet.

So, in an effort to get the songs (written by Molly Davis) out of my head, I recorded a cover of them both (under my usual Lt. Snorkel pseudonym). You should compare my cover to the original versions of “Sick N Tired” and “Lara’s Song,” because I made a few… modifications let’s say. Y’know, to make them my own.


(Download the MP3 Here)

Listen to ‘Dear Enoby,’ a My Immortal Inspired Song for True Goffs

Occasionally I record music, and I occasionally I make you guys listen to it. This here? This is one of those situations.

Today I present to you “Dear Enoby (Darkness Dementia Raven Way),” a song based loosely on the My Immortal Fanfic and *heavily* based on the (My) Immortal Webseries based off said Fanfic. So it’s a song, based on a webseries, based on a fanfic, based on a movie, based on the Harry Potter books.

Footage is heavily lifted from said webseries, which you should go watch now if you haven’t.

You can download the MP3 or just watch the Youtube video:

Throwback Thursday: Lt. Snorkel covers “Do You Want To Date My Avatar”

So in this entry we dig back to 2010 when I recorded a cover of Felicia Day’s “Do You Want To Date My Avatar” under my usual alias of Lt. Snorkel. Everything you hear in this song was performed by me, so yes – it get super weird.

The video features outtakes from a No Brand Con promotional video (I’m the ninja), and briefly you will spot Pher in there too.

He had to end up in a Throwback Thursday one day…