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On “Legends of Tomorrow” TV’s Constantine Will Finally Be Allowed to Smoke, Be Into Dudes

When Matt Ryan first played the title role on NBC’s Constantine, the peacock network was a little nervous about acknowledging two things about the character: his bisexuality and his chain smoking. And while they let John Constantine occasionally hold a cigarette, his being into guys was kind of a sore spot steadfastly avoided by the show. Ryan has since reprised the part on The CW’s Arrow, which merged the continuities. With the addition of a forthcoming CW Seed animated series, many fans of the comics’ version of the character have hoped his sexuality would be finally addressed.

And we’re happy to say, it will be.

It’s been announced that Matt Ryan’s Constantine will guest star on a Legends of Tomorrow two parter this season, and when he does his bisexuality will be directly acknowledged. It makes sense, as the CW’s Arrowverse is probably one of the better places for LGBTQ+ representation on broadcast television. Considering how infrequently male bisexuality is actually dealt with in popular culture, it’s kind of a big deal.

They’ll also let him chain smoke, but that’s kind of less important.

Constantine will appear in the ninth and tenth episodes of the season, which will take place after his previous appearance on Arrow. Executive produce Phil Klemmer told THR the episode would tonally be “The Exorcist meets One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” and be based around demonic possession in a mental institution. So, y’know, fun stuff.

Legends of Tomorrow is currently airing Tuesday nights on The CW.


Our First Look at the CW Seed’s ‘Constantine’ Animated Series

When Matt Ryan’s Constantine was incorporated into the CW’s Arrowverse, most of us who were fans of the short lived NBC show rejoiced. It meant that more could be seen of the character, and when a CW Seed animated series was announced back in January, we were giddy.

Now it’s been ten months, and the network has finally released a first look at what we’re going to get… and it’s amazing. I mean, it’s more Constantine. What else could we want?

Constantine is coming soon to the CW Seed.

Matt Ryan’s ‘Constantine’ To Return in CW Seed Animated Series

Constantine fans rejoice! Our beloved Wizard is returning to the small screen, in a new series starring Matt Ryan and set in the same continuity as the last one. No, this isn’t a dream — and it’d be pretty weird if you had dreams about reading this website. The CW has announced that they are making an animated Constantine series for their CW Seed online network. The season will be composed of six ten minute episodes, which (like Vixen) then be compiled into a single video at the end of the season.

So yeah, it’s like getting one new episode of the previous Constantine series a year — but I will take what I can get.

Matt Ryan’s turn as the titular wizard in NBC’s Constantine was phenomenal, and when he was brought into the Arrowverse canon last season, a lot of us were happy to see him again. While Matt Ryan’s schedule has probably kept him from making more live action appearances as the character, it was nice to know he’d reprise the role outside of the previous continuity in the upcoming animated Justice League Dark. By making the new show animated, this will also allow Ryan to continue in the role.

Just now with continuity.

The CW has released a promotional image for the new show (like they usually do), which looks pretty much what you’d expect an animated Constantine to look like:

The new show is expected to premiere during the 2017-2018 television season, and it’s hard to not get hyped about it.


Episode 79 – Mailbag Explosion

This episode we go audio only, and dig into a massive pile of your messages to us. Before that though, we spend some time talking about Matt Ryan reprising Constantine in Justice League Dark, The Rocketeer possibly getting sequel/reboot, and actor Steve Cardenas calls out the organizer of Texas Comicon.

Yep, he seriously did it.

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Matt Ryan is Returning to Constantine (In an Animated Movie)

Considering that the show was canceled, its pretty amazing that Matt Ryan has become synonymous with Constantine. Fans can’t help but be excited whenever he gets to play Constantine, even if he isn’t playing the same version of the character that was on NBC and Arrow.  It looks like fans have a treat coming from DC’s animated films as Matt Ryan is set to play John Constantine once again in the new Justice League Dark movie.

The film will also feature Zatanna, Deadman, Etrigan the Demon, Black Orchid and (my other favorite) Swamp Thing, in addition to the not-so-dark Justice League making cameos throughout.

The DC animated movies tend to be pretty fun and this first preview looks promising.

Justice League Dark will be in stores Fall 2016

Constantine/Arrow Crossover Confirmed

After months of waiting and anticipation, Constantine fans have finally been rewarded. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Matt Ryan’s John Constantine is coming to Arrow as a guest character.

This is fantastic news for fans of the canceled series and personally, I can’t wait to have two of my favorite characters in one show.

Great work Hellblazers, Constantine is saved!