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‘No Boys Dorm’ Episode Six Recap (Season Finale)

Well, we all knew the time would come eventually, but after six weeks it’s finally time for me to sit down and recap the season finale of No Boys Dorm. Like always, if you haven’t watched the sixth episode yet, you should do that unless you enjoy having everything spoiled for you.

If you do enjoy reading spoilers… um… welcome to the recap? Make sure you still watch the show afterwards?

Anywho, we need to summarize where we are as quickly as possible (and pretty much the entire first season of the show leading up to this episode). Before the series started:

  • Lara No used to live a life of crime, and had a boyfriend named Dresden.
  • Lara No gave up her life of crime, and her boyfriend named Dresden.
  • Lara No’s Apartment burned to the ground.

And during the series:

  • Lara No went to crash with her brother Leon at his Dorm (at the illustrious and exclusive “Academy”)
  • To stay there, she had to pretend to be both a student and the girlfriend of ‘elite’ student Takashi
  • Takashi hasn’t ever told her why he’s helping
  • Takashi barely speaks, and looks constantly bored. Sexy-bored.
  • Elite student Teela Tether had her eyes set on Takashi, and has decided she must destroy Lara
  • Teela has employed the ‘Shadow Order’ to get Lara
  • The ‘Shadow Order’ includes a guy named Cyrus, who totally wants to get with Lara’s friend Alba
  • Alba is better than you.
  • Moe is moe.
  • Isaac is a sociopath but handy to have around.
  • Jason is more attractive than you, but forgets it when Maron walks in the room
  • Alice likes Jason, but Jason is super gay.
  • Martin (the RA) likes yelling at people, and has an assistant Janet… which is weird right? Since when did RAs have assistants? That’s not in the housing budget.
  • Molly Anne needs better friends.
  • People fall on each other a lot.

Wow, that got super long and I left a bunch of stuff out. On to this week though! Continue reading ‘No Boys Dorm’ Episode Six Recap (Season Finale)

‘No Boys Dorm’ Episodes Four and Five Recap

Well, it’s been two weeks since we last posted a No Boys Dorm recap, which means it’s time to tackle yet another two installments of this amazing webseries.

This time we’re covering episodes four and five, which you should probably watch before you read this. Y’know, unless you like massive spoilers or something.

To summarize where we are now, after Lara No tried to leave her criminal past behind her, her apartment burned down. Now homeless, Lara has moved into her brother Leon’s dorm at the exclusive “Academy.” Unfortunately, to crash with Leon (and his roommates Jason and Isaac), Lara has to pretend to both be an Academy student and the girlfriend of “elite” student Takashi.

Because of reasons.

This has made Lara an enemy in the eyes of Teela, an elite student who had her eyes set on Takashi herself. Teela has employed the talents of the “Shadow Order” to take down Lara — although it seems to consist of some guy named Cyrus who likes to shuffle cards alone in hallways.

Filling out the rest of the world are Alba (an old friend from Lara’s criminal past) and Moe (an old friend from Lara’s boring past). Oh, and Martin (the RA) and his Assistant Janet are there. Martin’s the best one.

I think that should cover it… Continue reading ‘No Boys Dorm’ Episodes Four and Five Recap

Episode 64 – No Ending in Sight

On this episode of Nerd & Tie, we tackle Toho’s new Godzilla design, CBS is suing the creators of Star Trek fan film Axanar, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is crushing it at the box office, Hasbro can’t get things right with Rey, and No Boys Dorm just kind of kicks ass.

You should totally watch it.

Important Links:

Video Version:

Audio Version:

‘No Boys Dorm’ Episodes Two and Three Recap

It’s been a couple of weeks since we posted our recap of the first episode of MediaJunkie’s No Boys Dorm, which means it’s time to jump back into the world of Lara No and “The Academy” again.

In this installment, we’ll be covering episodes two and three, which you should really go watch before reading this (unless you want everything spoiled).

Episode one introduced us to the recently homeless Lara No, who is now pretending to be a student at the illustrious “Academy” with the help of her brother, his friends, and the “elite” Takashi (who seems to be helping because he’s bored or something). Takashi is pretending that Lara is his girlfriend, which gives her privileges in the boy’s dormitory. Of course, “classic snob” Teela had her sights set on Takashi for herself, and she’s declared Lara her enemy.

Oh, and Lara fell on people a lot.

Let’s see where we are now though… Continue reading ‘No Boys Dorm’ Episodes Two and Three Recap

‘No Boys Dorm’ Episode One Recap

MediaJunkie’s No Boys Dorm, the spiritual successor to their (My) Immortal webseries, debuted the first of its six episodes today. We previously recapped the second season of (My) Immortal, and we thought we’d do so again for this series. But rather than wait until the end of the season, like last time, we thought we’d post these as the show goes up.

Recaps for some future episodes may be combined, but as this is the first installment (and a ton of stuff gets introduced), we thought it deserved its own.

With any of these reviews and recaps, you should probably watch the episode first if you don’t want anything spoiled. Now on with the summarizing. Continue reading ‘No Boys Dorm’ Episode One Recap

‘No Boys Dorm’ Gets Release Date, Full Trailer

Here at Nerd & Tie we’re pretty big fans of the (My) Immortal webseries (loosely based on notoriously bad Harry Potter fanfic), so when its creator MediaJunkie studios decided to create an original series called No Boys Dorm, we were on board completely.

After a successful kickstarter earlier this year, it’s been a waiting game to see when the show would finally come out. We got a teaser trailer a couple months back, but as the year is coming to a close, we thought it might not make it in time for a 2015 release…

…but we were wrong. This week, MediaJunkie put out a new trailer, along with revealing the release date of the show’s first episode: December 21st 2015. It should go up on both the show’s official website and this season will run for six episodes. If successful, one can presume that they’ll try to raise money for another season afterwards.

Independent webseries like this are interesting. Most independent, regular content that goes up on sites like Youtube consists of non-fiction or gaming content, which lends itself easier to zero-budget productions. Heck, we produce a fortnightly show that’s over an hour here on Nerd & Tie – but it’s just three people talking. Attempting to produce fiction in this new landscape is far more challenging, and it’s interesting what can come out of it.

Mediajunkie’s work may sometimes look rough, but it’s done from a place of passion. And maybe passion is exactly what we need right now.

The First Real ‘No Boys Dorm’ Teaser Trailer is Here

The creators of the My Immortal web series have been hard at work on their new, original series No Boys Dorm. Back when it was first announced, they put out a “proof of concept” trailer (which we talked about back in March). That trailer was shot independently though (hence “proof of concept”), so what we saw in that may or may not appear in the actual series.

Well, yesterday they finally released a real teaser trailer for the forthcoming webseries. It’s less than a minute long and doesn’t feature any dialogue, but still — you should watch it.

While it doesn’t really tell us that much about the show (unlike the earlier trailer), it still has me excited. Also, I think I just really, really, really want to know the context for whatever the hell is going on in this scene:

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 9.19.25 AM

No word on when the first episode will be released, but No Boys Dorm is expected to premiere later this year.

Episode 43 – Loosed Basely

On this episode of Nerd & Tie we remember the late Terry Pratchett, dive into Nick and Pher’s weekend at Kitsune Kon, lament CHI-FI’s inability to do PR or communicate, get amazed by the antics of Fantasticon Milwaukee, talk about the No Boys Dorm Kickstarter, entertain the idea of the “Con Man” webseries, and get confused by Mallrats 2 being a thing.

Also, Sony is screwing up the Ghostbusters franchise, big time.

Our coverage on CHI FI –

Our coverage of Fantasticon Milwaukee –

“No Boys Dorm” Kickstarter –

“Con Man” Indiegogo campaign –

Naruto musical costumes –

Video Version:

(Trae rescued it amazingly – it is audio only just in the letters)

Audio Version:

Kickstarter Launched for ‘No Boys Dorm’ Webseries

As we mentioned last week, the creators of the (My) Immortal web series are trying to put together a new show called No Boys Dorm. No Boys Dorm will be a “shoujo-inspired spiritual sequel” to (My) Immortal, and they’ve put out a trailer full of familiar faces.

The big question out there was when they were going to start raising money for the show, and the answer is… well.. now. Last night they launched a kickstarter for the show. It will run for 28 days, and they’re hoping to raise $10,000 (Canadian).

$10,000 is a risky amount to aim for, especially when you consider that (My) Immortal season 2 only raised $3,400 (on a $3,000 Kickstarter), and that show had name recognition. On the other hand, people are less forgiving with original properties than they are with adaptations of a fanfic, so $10,000 is probably the amount they need to have a shot at doing it right.

Personally, I’m rooting for them… and I’ve already pledged to it.

Consider doing so too.

‘(My) Immortal’ Creators Working On New Web Series ‘No Boys Dorm’

I don’t think we’ve made it a secret how fond we are of the (My) Immortal web series ’round these parts. It may he low budget, but it’s clever, funny, and well acted. While season 3 may not be happening any time soon, MediaJunkie is still working on something.

Earlier today they released a teaser for a new series called No Boys Dorm. We’ve embedded it below.

This is a preliminary teaser so they can start looking for funding, and a Kickstarter is likely to follow. Those of you who watched (My) Immortal will recognize a lot of familiar faces in the cast, and the series is being described as a spiritual sequel.

Y’know, just minus all the IP baggage of being a web series based off of a fanfic based off of some movies based off of some books.