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Episode 45 – Completely Pherless

On this episode of the podcast, some MRAs have been kicked out of Calgary Expo, Syfy is ditching wrestling, Wonder Woman is switching directors, we’ve got a whole mess of new trailers to discuss, Trae went to the INDYpendent Show and we talk about our plans for No Brand Con next weekend!

And Pher got sick last minute, so he isn’t here. It’s just Trae and Nick.

And Trae had to quick edit the episode’s title card, much to Pher’s sadness.


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Michelle MacLaren Officially Off ‘Wonder Woman’

The road to a Wonder Woman film has been a rocky one. We’ve had conflicting reports over the last year about the film not even being greenlit, yet apparently set to begin production in the fall.

Well, the film (set to star Gal Gadot) has hit another road block, as THR is now reporting that Wonder Woman has lost its director — as Michelle MacLaren has officially left the project.

MacLaren cited creative differences with the studio regarding her exit, and most of us are concerned how this will effect the future of getting a Wonder Woman film on screen, let alone in 2017.


‘Wonder Woman’ May Start Filming in the Fall

Since Suicide Squad now has a cast (and is the next DC film to come out post-Batman v Superman: Dawn of the Legend of the Seeker of Justice), it’s pretty well assumed it will go into production soon. But since the future of the DC onscreen franchise relies on our combative World’s Finest, most have questioned how safe the rest of the films on DC’s roadmap are if BvS underperforms at the box office. How likely is it we’d still get our Wonder Woman movie?

Well, the odds are actually pretty good. According to Deadline, Wonder Woman will go into production this fall, which means Warner Brothers will have a huge amount of money invested (and principal photography possibly completed) by the time the followup to Man of Steel comes out.

Which means that no matter what we should finally get a theatrical Wonder Woman solo film, and that would be awesome.

Via Deadline

Wonder Woman Film Not Actually Greenlit?

We all rejoiced when Warner Bros told us Wonder Woman would get her own film in 2017. We celebrated the hiring of Michelle MacLaren as director. Everything looked great.

Except… not so much.

You see, that 2017 release date? It’s not so much a release date as it is a “release date.” Talking with Vulture, MacLaren revealed:

[S]he warns that at the moment there is no script, no release date. There’s not even an official green light from the film’s releasing studio, Warner Bros. – and even if there were, nondisclosure agreements and her paranoia about jinxing things would keep her mum.

So Warner Bros. talked big in the face of the Marvel monolith, but doesn’t have the faith in its own properties to execute.

That’s what this tells me.

Via Vulture

Episode 35 – Video Unavailable

On this episode, we talk about the Jurassic World Trailer, the Episode VII trailer, Oscar Isaac’s casting as Apocalypse, Constantine’s order getting cut, Guillermo del Toro’s Justice League Dark script, Wonder Woman getting a woman director and, finally, our trip to Daisho Con.

We did a video version for this episode, but I (Trae) had my computer crash before it could be saved — so let’s just be glad the audio version survived, okay?

This has been a stressful evening.

Michelle MacLaren to Direct “Wonder Woman”

Finally some positive news out of the DC Cinematic Universe – they’ve hired a competent woman to director the film. According to THR, Michell MacLaren has signed on to direct Wonder Woman. Best known for her work on Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones, she seems a solid choice. Her work so far has been stellar.

Well, she also co-executive produced Harsh Realm, but no one’s perfect.

We still don’t know who is writing the film, but people seem confident to say MacLaren will work closely on as-of-yet-unnamed writer(s) on the script. Wonder Woman is due in 2017 and will star Gal Gadot.