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Episode 36 – Lack of Direction

On this episode we talk about recent casting for both the DC and Marvel Cinematic Universes, Transformers 4 getting submitted to the Academy just because, Robert Orci getting kicked off Star Trek 3ish, a Japanese Godzilla returning, and recent disasters in the con scene.

We’re looking at the terror attack at Midwest FurFest in a serious light and the cancellation of Emoti-Con in a not so serious one.

Y’know, for obvious reasons.

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Midwest FurFest Evacuated After Intentional Release of Chlorine Gas

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Nineteen people were taken to the hospital with naseua and other symptoms, and the hotel evacuated at Midwest FurFest early this morning. Just before one in the morning, there were complaint of a noxious odor on the Rosemont, IL Hyatt’s ninth floor, and upon arrival responders found high levels of chlorine gas.

Chlorine gas is, of course, highly dangerous and deadly.

By 3:30AM the hotel was cleared, and attendees were allowed back in the building. Police are saying the release was an intentional act, and are investigating it as a criminal matter. That’s right, someone literally attacked the Midwest FurFest using a method banned by the Geneva Convention.

What the hell is seriously going on?

Via Chicago Tribune