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Episode 97 – Live at No Brand Con 2017!

On this (audio only) episode of Nerd & Tie, your three hosts have gathered in the Wisconsin Dells to do an episode of the show live at No Brand Con 2017! We discuss the first trailer for The Last Jedi, celebrate the return of Mystery Science Theater 3000, contemplate Monica Valentinelli and Tad William’s withdrawal from Odyssey Con, and marvel at the fall of Rocky Mountain Fur Con.

We were tight on time, so there’s not a lot of audience interaction – but we did remember to mock Arcemise.

He deserved it.

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Guest of Honor Monica Valentinelli Withdraws From Odyssey Con as ‘Known Harasser’ Is on Event’s Staff

Author and tabletop game developer Monica Valentinelli was originally scheduled to be a guest of honor at Odyssey Con in Madison, WI later this month, but that is no longer the case. Earlier today, she announced in a blog post that she was no longer appearing at the con due to a “known harasser” being on the event’s staff. She had been under the impression that this person had left the event, but this was apparently not the case:

Yesterday, I found out that I was scheduled to be on programming with him and he was still part of the concom. I also learned that peers and friends were uncomfortable with his role at the show, and they had decided to avoid the convention altogether. His involvement with the con meant that I would have to interact with him, especially as a guest of honor, and I do not feel safe around him nor would I want to put any of my friends, peers, or fans in that situation either.

While Valentinelli doesn’t name this individual, though looking at the Odyssey Con “Concom” listing, it’s pretty clear who she’s referring to. When Valentinelli took her concerns to the staff though, she didn’t exactly get the reception she’d hoped for: Continue reading Guest of Honor Monica Valentinelli Withdraws From Odyssey Con as ‘Known Harasser’ Is on Event’s Staff