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Episode 81 – Second Chances

On this episode of Nerd & Tie we celebrate 50 years of Star Trek, contemplate the possibility of the late Majel Barret-Rodenberry still voicing the computer in future Treks, rejoice in the Build Team’s return to ‘Busting in The White Rabbit Project, discuss Stranger Things and its season 2 renewal, and consider the possible remake of The Crow starring Jason Momoa.

And there’s that whole Nerd & Tie Expo thing coming up…

Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara Are Back to ‘Busting With “The White Rabbit Project”

Mythbusters was a cultural phenomenon, and for most of its run Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara were an integral part of it. And while “The Build Team” (as they were referred to during a large portion of the show’s run) was let go over a year before the series’ eventual cancellation, they’re still the people that come to mind for many when they think about historical and pop culture myths.

Well the good news is that they’re going to be back at it — on Netflix no less.

Deadline is reporting that Netflix has ordered The White Rabbit Project to series. The show will be about going down the metaphorical rabbit hole, as the three investigate weird events in pop culture, history, and science. Doing so, the three will do what they do best — inserting themselves into self built experiments to get.a better understanding of what happened.

So yes, the Build Team shall build again.

Beyond Productions, which produced Mythbusters for Discovery Channel, will be making the show, and it’s expected to premiere on Netflix this December.

Via Deadline

Episode 59 – #BringBackThePher

On this bigger than ever episode, Vinnk (of FamicomDojo.tv) is sitting in for Pher. We talk about the current state of Pacific Rim 2, the cancellation of Mythbusters, Donna Noble’s Doctor Who Audio Drama return, K-9 getting his own movie, IfCon Victoria disappearing into the night, the 2015 World Fantasy Convention coming to its senses, and SXSW’s complete and total bungling of its anti-Harassment summit.

It’s a really, really long one folks.

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‘Mythbusters’ Has Been Canceled

It’s a sad day for geeks, as the Discovery Channel show Mythbusters has officially been canceled. The fourteenth season (which doesn’t start airing until January) will officially be the last for Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman.

Mythbusters has gone through a lot of changes since it first premiered, the most recent was when the “build team” members were fired from the show last year. The show recovered though, and season thirteen was still very solid.

Savage and Hyneman have apparently known the end was coming for a while, and planned their final season around it. Savage told EW the upcoming run would feature “the most awesome example of each category [they’ve done shows about] and build on our past history.”

We will miss you Mythbusters. We will miss you.

Via EW

Episode 54 – Live at Geek.kon 2015!

On this episode we come to you live from Geek.kon 2015 in Madison, WI! We also have a massive announcement — and that’s the Nerd & Tie Expo! It’s kind of a big deal for us.

Don’t worry — we also talk about current geek news too, including the sad news that Yvonne Craig has passed away, Hallmark’s tasteless and poorly timed Spock ornament, Fantastic Four’s production difficulties, a spy drama based off of Mythbusters might be in the works, the Constantine/Arrow crossover being a thing, and Misha Collins’s very bad day in Minneapolis.

Also, Trae shaved off his beard and it looks super weird.

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A Spy Drama Based on ‘Mythbusters’ is in Development For CBS

No, you’re not having a stroke – CBS is currently developing a pilot for a spy TV show based on Mythbusters. THR is reporting that the show’s premise is kind of like F/X meets Chuck:

The untitled drama… revolves around two Hollywood special effects artists who are recruited by the CIA to complete seemingly impossible covert ops missions by creatively using the most basic tools from their craft.

There’s currently a script commitment for the pilot, and both Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman would be executive producers if the show gets picked up. Lilla and Nora Zuckerman (best known for their work on shows like Suits and Human Target) are writing the script.

I mean, it’s not the worst idea for the show, but it’s kind of out of left field. Let’s find out if it actually happens.


Episode 28 – Live at Geek.kon 2014

On this episode of Nerd & Tie we were live at Geek.kon 2014 in Madison, WI. We talk about the cast changes at Mythbusters, the complicated legal issues surrounding Ryan Kopf’s AnimeCon.org, details about the filming of Ant-Man, Jenna-Louise Coleman’s possible departure from Doctor Who, Peter Quill’s parentage in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and your letters.

We also interact with the audience a bit. Which is always fun.