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NBC Won’t Continue With ‘Xena’ Reboot

Since 2014 a reboot of Xena: Warrior Princess was in development, eventually finding a home at NBC. Series co-creators Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi were both on board, and Javier Grillo-Marxuach had been writing the adaptation. Unfortunately for fans that wanted to see this happen though, the project seems officially dead at the network.

THR is reporting that NBC is officially not going forward with the reboot. This follows Javier Grillo-Marxuach’s departure from the reboot a few months ago, and it doesn’t look like they’ve found anyone to replace him.

According to THR, that while the current incarnation is dead, NBC may still be interested in eventually rebooting the franchise down the road. Personally, I don’t think die hards should hold their breaths. One of the main reasons rumored that Grillo-Marxuach departed the show for was that he wanted to focus on the relationship between Xena and Gabriel.

If the network doesn’t want that to be a major part of the reboot, I’m not sure what value it has. Pretty much every other angle was already fleshed out in the original series, and if the reboot can’t make overt what was implied or under explored the first time around, what’s the point?


After Negotiating With Sony, NBC Surprisingly Un-Cancels ‘Timeless’

Last week we reported that NBC had cancelled freshman time travel drama Timeless. Well someone must have altered the timeline after that, because this weekend series creator Eric Kripke tweeted out that the series had been, in fact, saved.

As for how this happened, The Hollywood Reporter claims that Sony (who actually makes the show) offered to take more of the burden of production costs going forward. The cancellation of a bubble show like Timeless wasn’t surprising, but series with the same ratings often get renewed too. Sony absorbing more of the costs makes keeping the program on the air a much more profitable affair for NBC, and tipped the scales just enough in Timeless‘s favor.

And frankly, with that first season cliff hanger ending, I’m glad we’re going to get more.


NBC Cancels ‘Timeless’ and ‘Powerless’ (Updated: ‘Timeless’ Survives)

Update (5/15): Timeless has been un-cancelled. Original story appears below.

The annual trials of cancellation and renewal continue at the major networks, and it’s time to head on over to NBC. Sadly the network seems to have taken an axe to its genre programming this year (and everything with a -less suffix), as the network has now officially cancelled both Powerless and Timeless.

Timeless had been on the bubble, but fans had still hoped that the freshman drama would come back for a second season. While it doesn’t help that there are multiple time travel shows on television right now, Timeless took it from a slightly more serious angle. It wasn’t a perfect show, but we’re sad to see it go.

Losing Powerless means that NBC no longer has any superhero shows airing on television, even if the sitcom was only superhero adjacent. It’s really a shame the show never caught on, as while the start wasn’t the strongest, it really was finally getting its footing. A lot of comedies don’t really figure themselves out until their second season, so losing the show on the cusp of its potential is really too bad. There are still a few unaired episodes of Powerless too, and no word on what will happen to those yet.

Via TV Line, Deadline

Darkness is Drawn to ‘Midnight, Texas’ in NBC’s First Promo

If you’re wondering what a broadcast network version of True Blood would have probably looked like, look no further than NBC’s Midnight, Texas. It’s based off a different Charlaine Harris novel, but because of the shared author, the similarities are pretty clear.

Midnight, Texas is about a fictional small town full of secrets, and by “secrets” I mean vampires, were-creatures, witches, and other assorted supernatural folk. Apparently, according to the trailer at least, some sort of evil or darkness is also drawn to the town (who’d’ve thunk it), and there’s going to be some great big battle.

So, y’know, it’s just your regular small town drama. Like Northern Exposure or Ballykissangel.

Honestly, the show looks like it could be fun. I mean sure, there seems to be a lot of fog machine use, and no one sounds like they actually live in Texas, but I’m always up for a grand battle of good versus evil. Or at least “good and less evil versus evil.” Vampires always make this stuff complicated.

Midnight, Texas premieres Tuesday, July 25th on NBC.

NBC Developing ‘Witchblade’ TV Series

The Witchblade comics may be headed to the small screen again, as NBC is currently developing a new television series based on the property. This would be the third series based on Marc Silvestri’s Witchblade: the first being the TNT live actin series which aired from 2001 through 2002, and the second being the 24 episode 2006 anime series produced by GONZO.

Caroline Dries (The Vampire Diaries) and Carol Mendelsohn (CSI) are currently working on the script, which will follow lead character Detective Sara Pezzini who is in possession of a bracelet which turns out to be the titular Witchblade. There are some differences with this new version (instead of New York the series will be set in San Fransisco), but it’s still pretty Witchblade-y.

Silvestri, Mendelsohn, Brian Young, Julie Weitz, and Matt Hawkins will executive produce, and like all shows this early in development it may end up going nowhere.

Via EW

The First Promo For NBC’s ‘Powerless’ Shows Some Promise

Powerless, the workplace comedy set in a universe where DC’s superheroes are real, has undergone some changes since it was first pitched to NBC. Originally it would have followed insurance claims adjusters working at a company called RetCon, but now it’s about people working in R&D at Wayne Securities.

Even with that change though, it’s still a promising show. NBC has now released the first promo for the show, showing us what to expect.

Honestly, it feels a lot like the short lived Better Off Ted, and if that’s the case… good? I mean, that was a good show, so this one might be too. In any case, I’ll take any Alan Tudyk and Danny Pudi I can get.

Powerless premieres on NBC February 2nd.

NBC Orders Time Travel Drama ‘Timeless’ To Series

I like good genre shows on network television, and it looks like we’re getting a new one this fall. NBC has apparently ordered time travel drama Timeless to series.

Helmed by Eric Kripke and Shawn Ryan, the show will star Malcolm Barrett, Matt Lanter, and Abigail Spencer. The premise is pretty simple: a bad guy has stolen a time machine, and our heroes have to follow him back in time and keep him from screwing everything up. While it’s not exactly dissimilar to a lot of other time travel shows that came before it, this one seems like it should be pretty decent.

The network has also put out a trailer for the show:

Timeless is expected to air on Monday nights this fall on NBC.

Via Deadline

NBC Picks Up DC Comics Comedy ‘Powerless’ To Series

We first learned that NBC was interested in a DC Comics based single camera workplace comedy back in August of 2015. Eventually more news came out like it’s title (Powerless), and it seemed pretty interesting.

And we’re going to get to see it too.

Variety is reporting that NBC has picked up the show for the 2016-2017 season. Powerless‘s set up is pretty simple, as it follows the lives of ordinary insurance claims adjusters in world where superheroes are real… and breaking the crap out of cities all the time.

The cast for the show is incredibly solid, as it stars Vanessa Hudgens, Danny Pudi, Alan Tudyk, and Christina Kirk. I mean, Danny Pudi and Alan Tudyk, at the same time? That alone has me excited, as Community and Firefly were literally two of the best shows to ever air on network television. Ben Queen and Michael Patrick Jann will executive produce the show, with the two having written and directed the pilot respectively.

I’m going to admit I was a bit skeptical when the concept was first announced, but the further this project comes along the more I’m getting excited about it. With a solid cast and an almost Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead quality to the concept, the whole thing has grown on me.

Hopefully we won’t be disappointed this Fall.

Via Variety

‘Heroes Reborn’ Won’t Get a Second Season (Because That’s How ‘Event Series’ Work)

So when Heroes Reborn was first announced, it was described with terms like “Event Series,” “Limited Series,” and “Miniseries.” From the beginning we all knew it was going to be a one and done season, because (frankly) that’s probably all the additional Heroes anyone wanted. Hell, we were just surprised the revival was happening at all.

So when news came out that the show wasn’t going to come back after this season, I was confused as to why this was even news. What puzzled me more were the headlines that said things like “Heroes Reborn is Cancelled.” Here are a few examples.

Okay… so here’s the thing, it’s not a cancellation if it was always intended to end.

I mean sure, if the ratings had exploded, and the show had become one of the highest rated dramas on TV, NBC would have probably decided to make more of the show. But the truth is NBC went in hedging their bets – they knew it was a long shot. They always knew this was probably all they were ever going to make of the show.

So when you call the ending that was pre-announced a cancellation, you’re just being wrong. That’s not how this works.

That’s not how any of this works.


NBC Working on DC Comics Office Comedy?

The question mark in the headline isn’t a question – we know they’re doing it – but I am super puzzled by it. Deadline is reporting that NBC, apparently, has decided to start development on a workplace single-camera comedy based around unknown DC Comics characters. A pilot has been ordered, and Ben Queen is working on it with Warner Bros TV.

Now, the basic premise is that the characters will be working at an insurance company in a world where Superheroes are constantly trashing the place, so I get it — this could be a funny show. That said, the last time DC tried to do a comics based comedy, it ended up as the disastrous Justice League pilot that thankfully never aired.

It’s not the worst idea really, but it’s far from a great one. I honestly think it only has a shot if they completely avoid featuring any superheroes on the show in person. Let them be headlines and news reports… and lines on spreadsheets.

Nightmarish, profit destroying lines…

Via Deadline