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Episode 60 – TV Like It’s Nineteen Ninety-Nine

On this episode of Nerd & Tie, we talk about the announcement of a new Star Trek TV series, MST3K’s Kickstarter return, ‘His Dark Materials’ being adapted by the BBC, NekoCon going insane, the amazing INDYpendent Show, and how Nick and Pher and going to Daisho Con.

The gang’s finally all here too.

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NekoCon Staff Loses Its Sh*t, Cancels Multi-Guest Concert During First Song

When you go to a convention as an attendee or vendor, there’s an expectation that you’ll be treated with some courtesy and respect by the event’s staff. This is doubly so if you’re a paid guest of the event, as the convention has invited you to appear as well. I mean, they’re paying you to be there — it kind of implies that they want you there.

You especially wouldn’t cut off the sound during the first song of a concert that featured four different guest musical acts you paid money for (say, Professor Shyguy, Tribe One, Dr. Awkward and MC Lars) because the performer climbed off the stage and got back on it. You also wouldn’t then proceed to yell at everyone to leave the room without actually telling the guests what went wrong. After all of that, you definitely wouldn’t cancel the rest of the concert (which you’ve arguably paid good money for) because of some bizarre perceived infraction of the first performer.

Well, apparently no one at NekoCon (Hampton, VA) got that memo this last weekend, because they did exactly that. Continue reading NekoCon Staff Loses Its Sh*t, Cancels Multi-Guest Concert During First Song