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The Trailer for Netflix’s Sense8 is Here

Sense8, a Netflix original series created by the the Wachowskis, just got a new trailer today. The series follows eight people who have become connected, and can use their combined minds to do… Matrix-y stuff. Like I said, it was created by the Wachowskis.

It looks pretty cool, but it’s a trailer – so you’d expect it to.

Sense8‘s first season premieres in its entirety on Netflix on June 5th.

Netflix Rebooting ‘Danger Mouse’

Netflix is getting into original kid’s shows, and half the press is going nuts over their licensing a rebooted Inspector Gadget that has already been airing in Europe.

Me though? I’m excited about something that keeps appearing as a side note in these same articles: Netflix is rebooting Danger Mouse

Danger Mouse premiered in 1981 in the UK, but was rerun throughout the eighties in the US on Nickelodeon… and it was the best thing ever. I just hope the new version captures the humor, charm and awesomeness of the original.

Because, y’know, Danger Mouse.

Via USAToday

Episode 40 – Punching Yourself in the Face

On this episode we take a moment to mourn RWBY creator Monty Oum’s passing, get confused by Syfy’s new reality series casting call, celebrate the Ghostbusters remake’s cast, look hard at the possibility of a Zelda Netflix series, and think about Fox’s possible X-Men TV show.

Also, Trae went to Comic Con Purdue and it was a thing. A thing that totally happened.

(Also you’ll hear Trae apologize for Audio glitches that never happen — because he pulled the audio off the backup this episode instead.)

Video Version:

Audio Version:

Netflix is Developing a Live-Action Zelda Series

It feels like people have begging for some form of Live-Action Zelda for as long as I can remember. While they haven’t released many definite details on it, we now know that Netflix is developing such a thing in convenient series form, which is good.

What is weird is Netflix themselves describing it as “Game of Thrones for a family audience.” …huh?

Assuming Nintendo doesn’t change their minds, look forward to Zelda: The Series, sometime in the near future.

Via: The Wall Street Journal

The Full ‘Daredevil’ Teaser Is Here

The Daredevil series hits Netflix on April 10th, and I couldn’t be more excited. Today, Marvel released their first “full length teaser” for the series, which establishes that the tone for the series will be very different than what we’ve already seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe… and that’s a good thing.

So check out your minute and a half of the man without fear. It’s pretty neat.

‘AKA Jessica Jones’ Adds Carrie-Anne Moss To Cast

The news keeps coming about Marvel’s upcoming series AKA Jessica Jones, as the the latest news has Carrie-Anne Moss joining the show’s cast. The official name of Moss’s character has not been released, but CBR is saying she’ll be called “Harper.”

Moss, of course, is best known to most people for the role of Trinity in the Matrix films, but I’ll always prefer her spin in the role of Gertrude Verbanski on NBC’s Chuck. Because Chuck is one of my favorite shows ever made.

Anyway, between Moss, David Tennant, Michael Colter, Rachael Taylor, and (of course) Krysten Ritter, AKA Jessica Jones is looking pretty solid.

Via Comic Book Resources

Rachael Taylor Joins Cast of ‘AKA Jessica Jones’ as Hellcat

We’re learning more and more about the cast for Marvel’s Netflix series AKA Jessica Jones, as it’s now being reported that Rachael Taylor (Crisis, Charlie’s Angels) is joining the cast as Trish “Patsy” Walker — better known to comics fans as Hellcat.

According to The Wrap:

Trish is described as a syndicated radio talk show host, former model and child TV star known to her adoring fans as “Patsy” Walker. As Jessica Jones’ closest friend, Trish helps her embark on the most dangerous case of Jessica’s career.

Patsy Walker has an interesting history in Marvel comics, originally created as a teen romance character who was eventually transitioned into the superhero portion of the Marvel Universe.

AKA Jessica Jones will likely premiere in early 2016 on Netflix.

Via The Wrap

David Tennant Will Play Main Antagonist in ‘AKA Jessica Jones’

David Tennant will be joining the cast of Marvel’s AKA Jessica Jones on Netflix. Tennant will be playing the character Zebediah Killgrave (better known as “The Purple Man”). You can look that character up if you’re unfamiliar with him and feel like spoiling yourself.

David Tennant is best known for playing… oh hell, who am I kidding? You know who David Tennant is.

We don’t know how many episodes he’ll be in during this first season, but Tennant joins Krysten Ritter (who plays the titular character) and Mike Colter (who is playing Luke Cage… and we forgot to report on his casting because we took the holidays off).

AKA Jessica Jones premieres later this year on Netflix.

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“Jessica Jones” Netflix Series Delayed To 2016?

Originally, Marvel stated that the Krysten Ritter led Jessica Jones TV series would premiere in 2015, but according to statements made to USA Today and IGN, the series won’t hit streaming until 2016 it seems.

Considering how recently Ritter was cast and that the show hasn’t started production yet, this isn’t really a huge shocker. But I’m still disappointed that we won’t get to see AKA Jessica Jones on our screens in the next twelve months.

On the upside, Daredevil will still be here in April.

Via io9

Marvel’s “Daredevil” Gets a Premiere Date On Netflix

If you were wondering when the Netflix Original series (and third TV show to take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) Daredevil will finally be at your sticky internet streaming fingertips, Marvel has now announced the answer is April 10th.

For those of you who forgot it was happening, Charlie Cox will star as Matt Murdock (aka Daredevil), the blind lawyer who fights crime in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. The Daredevil series will be the first of several original series on Netflix which will culminate in an eventual Defenders show.

All 13 episodes will be released at once, which is standard practice for Netflix shows, and I’m pretty sure we’ll all be brainspiking the show immediately.

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