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Episode 96 – Complete Con Chaos

On this, our officially longest ever episode of Nerd & Tie, we celebrate Invader Zim‘s impending return, discuss John Simm’s returning as The Master on Doctor Who, lose our minds over the New Warriors television show (featuring Squirrel Girl), contemplate Rainn Wilson’s casting as Harry Mudd on Star Trek: Discovery, and speculate on the possibility of a Joss Whedon written/directed Batgirl movie.

Then we tackle the con scene, where Angry Goat Productions continues to do things that are absolutely insane, and AnachroCon’s management seems to have devolved into complete anarchy. We also talk about the great time we had at Karoshi Con, and look forward to No Brand Con.

Plus, y’know, there’s a mailbag. This episode is just full of stuff.

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Jhonen Vasquez is Bringing Back ‘Invader Zim’ as a 90 Minute TV Movie

Jhonen Vasquez’s Invader Zim may have only run for one season on Nickelodeon back in 2001, but what an amazing season it was. The animated series, which followed an aspiring (and outcast) invading alien and his malfunctioning robot’s attempts to conquer the world (and thwart his nerdy schoolmate), has had such an impact we’re still talking about it today.

And like any series we’re feeling nostalgic for these days, they’ve decided to bring it back.

Variety is reporting that Invader Zim is being brought back as a 90 minute made for TV movie. Nickelodeon studios is producing, and series creator Jhonen Vasquez himself is back helming the film. Original cast members Richard Horvitz, Rosearik Rikki Simons, Andy Berman, and Melissa Gahn are all returning as well.

And I just couldn’t be happier.

We’ll obviously post more details about the film as we learn them (mostly when and where it will air), but for now let us bask in the glory that is the return of Zim. I mean sure, it probably won’t be quite as good as we al remember — but if it captures even half of the magic of the original we’ll still be blessed.

Via Variety

Nickelodeon yanks Legend of Korra from schedule, show is going online only

Most likely due to lower than expected ratings, Avatar: The Last Airbender spinoff Legend of Korra has been yanked from the Nickelodeon schedules.

The remaining five episodes that won’t be aired will be available to view online though, and the show appears to be moving to a digital distribution model.

Is the show cancelled? When something gets yanked from the air and has the rest of the season put online, that’s usually what’s happening. But Nickelodeon has already renewed Korra for a fourth season… so lord knows what the heck is going on with this one.