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The Live Action ‘Pokemon’ Movie Has (Probably) Found its Writers

Pokemon is having a bit of a renaissance lately, with the massive mobile hit of Pokemon GO and the upcoming mainline game for Nintendo’s hand held. The latest news regarding this multimedia franchise is, of course, that Legendary has acquired the rights to produce a Pokemon live action film, which were shopped around to studios in July.

And now we know who will write that movie. Probably.

Legendary is currently in negotiations with writers Nicole Perlman and Alex Hirsch to pen the script, which will be based on the upcoming game Detective Pikachu. Perlman is, of course, best known for writing Guardians of the Galaxy, while Hirsch is probably best known to our readers for creating a little cartoon called Gravity Falls.

Obviously all of this could change, as it’s still early days for the project. It’s clear though, with the people the studio is pursuing, that it’s headed in the right direction.


Via Variety

Any New ‘Labyrinth’ Movie Won’t Be a Remake

On Friday, THR reported that TriStar and the Jim Henson Co were planning on rebooting the classic 1986 film Labyrinth. They claimed the film would be written by Nicole Perlman with Lisa Henson producing. Of course, no one actually wants a remake of Labyrinth (as the film is kind of perfect), and the entire idea of a remake going into planning just after the death of original film co-star David Bowie seemed rather mercenary.

So it’s a good thing it’s not true then, huh.

Nicole Perlman took to Twitter last night to clear things up a bit:

Perlman also clarified that while she was approached to work on a new Labyrinth movie, it wasn’t a new project. In fact, she first started talking with the Henson Company back in 2014.

So while a new Labyrinth movie may still be in development, it’s nothing new. And if a film gets made (because lots of films die while still in development), it won’t be a remake.

TriStar and the Henson Company aren’t looking to take advantage of David Bowie’s death — if anything THR was with their decision to report on the project.

‘Captain Marvel’ Has Its Writers

Marvel announced today that Nicole Perlman and Meg LeFauve have been tapped to write the Captain Marvel movie.

Perlman (of course) may be a familar name to Marvel fans as one of the writers of last year’s Guardians of the Galaxy (which was ours — and pretty much everyone else’s favorite movie of 2015). Meg LeFauve is best known as one of the writers of Pixar’s new film Inside Out.

So yeah, pretty solid team on this one.

Captain Marvel is a big deal, as it is Marvel’s first solo-film with a woman lead. Of course, we still have no idea who that woman lead will actually end up being.

Captain Marvel is expected in theaters November 2, 2018.

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