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Episode 90 – A Nerd Hope

On the latest episode of Nerd & Tie we start out by welcoming our newest host Gen Prock! After that we dig into the latest news, including how The CW has renewed all of their DC Comics shows, Constantine is coming back as an animated webseries, Charmed is getting rebooted for some reason, Awesome Games Done Quick has raised two million dollars for charity, Evercon booted artist/crafter Scott Windorski for harassment, Outlaw Comicon has lost its friggin’ mind, and Phoenix Comicon has made a controversial choice with its volunteer policies.

I mean, we definitely talk about Phoenix, AZ more than I’ve ever expected to.

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Outlaw Comicon, Failing at Social Media, and How Not to Deal With Guests

For reasons beyond me, talking to the public seems to be beyond the skill set of a surprisingly high number of convention runners. I swear, every year I end up writing a couple of posts about some con being incredibly rude to potential customers or mass deleting negative comments… it just keeps happening.

And yes, this is one of those stories.

Outlaw Comicon is a first year event that won’t be held until 2018 in Phoenix, AZ. I’d tell you exactly where, but the con hasn’t actually announced a venue yet (despite having dates). I mean, that’s weird enough, right?

Anyhow, despite not having a venue, the convention has started selling tickets already along with exhibitor and artist booth space. That exhibitor and artist space is what brought this con to our attention originally though, because despite being a first year con with no guaranteed attendance, the booths are priced… rather high.


While it’s true Comic Cons tend to be more expensive than, say, equivalently sized Anime Cons, these prices are downright bananas for a first year event run by relatively unknown organizers.

Again — organizers who don’t have a venue yet. Continue reading Outlaw Comicon, Failing at Social Media, and How Not to Deal With Guests