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I think it’s Celtic?

A Postmortem on (My) Immortal’s Second Season

I don’t think we’ve been shy about how much we love the (My) Immortal web series here at Nerd & Tie. For those unaware, “My Immortal” is an infamous Harry Potter fanfic which follows the exploits of the very “goffic” Hogwarts student “Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way.” The fanfic is so legendarily bad that it has a cult following (most notably on the site TV Tropes). Last year a bunch of Canadians decided to adapt it into a web series, rename the protagonist “Enoby” (after a regular typo in the source material), and turn it into probably the best thing ever to go on the internet.

It’s the best web series based on a fanfic based on movie based on a book we’ve ever seen.

We talked to series creator Brian McLellan way back in episode 16 before the season began, but a lot has happened since. Yesterday they released the ninth and final episode of their second season, so I thought I might take a look back at it with a critical eye.

So yeah, buckle up boys and girls.

We’re about to get all goff and stuff… again.

With a whole bunch of spoilers. Continue reading I think it’s Celtic?