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Special: The Best of Year One!

So hey, it’s Sunday night and you’re probably expecting a fresh, new episode of Nerd & Tie! Well, tough cookies kids – due to some technical limitations we decided to delay the episode a week (shifting the schedule forward a week so we’ll eventually line up with Geek.kon too). We didn’t want to leave you hanging though, so since we’ve been doing the show for almost exactly a year, we thought we’d put out a “Best of” episode for you!

This is a collection of all of our favorite moments from the first year of Nerd & Tie, bundled together into one brilliant episode.

Trust us.

In this episode we go back to when Pher talked with (My) Immortal creator Brian McLellan, our pre-50th Anniversary Doctor Who rampant speculation, Nick explaining Kikaider to the rest of us, our predictions on Cosplay trends, and how a good chunk of Americans think HTML is an STD. There are other bits in there too, so spend an hour revisiting the last year with us.

Three Classic Anime Series You Could Be Watching On Hulu Right Now

One of the best things about the website Hulu has been how they seem to keep adding more and more anime, both new and old alike. And while we’ve talked about how they’re putting up the re-released classic Sailor Moon (and will have the new Sailor Moon Crystal remake as it airs), we thought we’d dive into a few other classic shows you could be spending your time with.

And by “we,” I mean “me.” Because I didn’t ask Nick and Pher for their opinions before choosing these.

Because I’m a jerk like that.

Anyway, the following series should get you started on wasting many hours watching anime instead of doing anything productive. And that’s what’s important. Continue reading Three Classic Anime Series You Could Be Watching On Hulu Right Now