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Episode 103 – Looking Backwards

On this episode of Nerd & Tie we return from our annual semi-hiatus to discuss Wonder Woman 2 getting a release date, Stargate is getting a made-for-the-web prequel, the Robotech movie has a new director (and is apparently still happening), Kitsune Kon banned Youtuber ‘DesolatorMagic,’ Pokemon Go Fest was a bit of a mess, Louisville’s Fandom Fest was an outright disaster con, and Nick and Gen went to Anime Iowa.

It’s an audio only episode, but mostly because we’re still ironing out our kinks.

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The ‘Robotech’ Live Action Movie Has a New Director… Is Apparently Still a Thing?

Remember how Harmony Gold was working on a live action Robotech movie? Someone’s been trying to make this film since 2007. The current iteration was first announced by Warner Bros four years ago, and then sat quietly for two years before they reassured everyone it was still happening. Only about a month after that though, the movie got shuffled over to Sony. And then we heard nothing. For years.

But this is apparently still a thing that is totally happening, though we’re not entirely sure why.

In any case, there’s actual news as Sony has announced the film has found its director in Andy Muschietti. Muschietti is fresh off the forthcoming remake of Stephen King’s IT, and his sister (and creative partner) Barbara Muschietti will be joining Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton as a producer. Nunnari and Canton have been with the project for quite some time already.

Maybe this is the thing that will finally make this movie happen, and maybe it isn’t. In either case, I still find myself wondering “who the heck is this movie for?”

Via Variety

Episode 44 – Ignoring Minilla

On this episode we talk about the announced animated Batman movie starring Adam West and Burt Ward, Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi taking the reigns of Godzilla 2016, the X-Files limited series being confirmed, Sony’s bizarre desire to make a Robotech film franchise, Gen Con’s reactions to Indiana’s RFRA, and an awesome little convention in DeKalb called Karoshi Con.

And we have a whole bunch of new listener mail to boot!

More on Gen Con and the RFRA:

Fantasticon Milwaukee Coverage:

Karoshi Con:

Video Version:

Audio Version:

Sony Wants a Robotech Film Franchise, Because That’s a Great Idea

If there’s one thing Sony is hopelessly obsessed with these days, its big franchises that they don’t know how to manage. I don’t doubt that they WANT to build a franchise, its that they have consistently shown they have no idea how. Now it looks like they’ve teamed up with a group just as haplessly ambitious!

Enter Harmony Gold, who are similarly obsessed with (miraculously) making Robotech relevant again! And who could think of a better match?


No really how is this happening… again? The Robotech movie has been juggled between several studios and writers since 2007, so its hard for me to believe anything will come of this. If it does, it looks like it will be written by Michael Gordon, the guy who wrote 300 and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. So take that as you will.

Original art by: Rena Innocenti

via: The Verge

The Live Action ‘Robotech’ Movie Might Be Moving Forward

So there’s this terrible idea out there that someone should make a live action Robotech movie. I mean, we last heard about it two years ago, but even then it had been in development-hell for a while.

Well, it’s back in the news though, as Deadline is now reporting that Warner Bros. is pushing it forward again. Michael Gordon is apparently going to write the film, with Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton producing.

And… well… there’s a chance it might actually get made now. Which is sad.

But at least we might get some sweet Valkyrie toys out of it that aren’t named “Jetfire.”

Via Deadline

Episode 26 – Incompetence, Not Malice

On this installment of the podcast, we discuss the DashCon fiasco, the Awesome Con conundrum, and the hopes of the Nezumi Con Indiegogo campaign.

We also talk about the changes coming to Marvel comics with different characters taking up the helms of Thor and Captain America, Arrowverse casting, Harmony Gold not being awful for once, Homestar Runner coming back from the dead, and the expansion of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

It’s exciting.

Harmony Gold Does Something NOT Awful.

Watching Robotech Academy fail has been the most entertaining thing I’ve seen Harmony Gold do in so long. That said, it looks like they’re finally willing to release the “hostages.”

That’s right, while it will be called the Robotech Classic Collection,  the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross will finally be back in print for US audiences. And the price point is incredibly low. (So much so I almost regret shelling out as much as I did for my Animeigo Macross set.)

Since HG seems to want to sell this on the basis of “compare and contrast with the original,” lets hope that Southern Cross and Mospeada will get the same treatment.

So yeah. Harmony Gold news and I’m not pissed.  This is nice.

Via: Robotech.com

Episode 25 – Revivals Both Wanted And Not

In this barely assembled edition of the podcast, we talk about Pacific Rim 2, Heroes of Cosplay’s awfulness, Harmony Gold’s ridiculous Robotech Academy Kickstarter, Community getting a sixth season and the new Sailor Moon series “Sailor Moon Crystal.”

And, y’know, we read your letters.

That may not seem like much, but trust me, it is.

Also, please remember that next fortnight we’re actually doing a “best of” episode instead of a regular one. If there are any parts of this first year of Nerd & Tie you’d like to see featured, tell us (including the episode title and the timecode of the bit you liked) in our contact form!

Harmony Gold Still Wont Give Up on Robotech

Normally waiting for news from Anime Expo is exciting, but sometimes it means being reminded of things that have overstayed their welcome by at least a decade. Yes, Harmony Gold wants to try doing a new Robotech sequel again, but this time they want to do it with your money!

Harmony Gold now has opened a Kickstarter to raise half a million dollars to produce a pilot for Robotech Academy, a new series that they claim (once again) is based on Robotech creator Carl Macek’s notes for where he wanted the series to go. Like the previous attempt to revitalize the thirty year old series, this will not be using footage from unrelated anime, but will instead use all original animation.

As of when I’m writing this, the Kickstarter has only been up for a few hours but it already has raised $13,500 and Harmony Gold is offering incentives that range from putting contributors’ names on the “electronic program guide” to actually being drawn in as a background character. Where all this will go is a mystery as of now, but one thing’s for sure, Robotech is turning 30 this year and Harmony Gold has no intention on letting it end there.

Via: Kotaku