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Episode 25 – Revivals Both Wanted And Not

In this barely assembled edition of the podcast, we talk about Pacific Rim 2, Heroes of Cosplay’s awfulness, Harmony Gold’s ridiculous Robotech Academy Kickstarter, Community getting a sixth season and the new Sailor Moon series “Sailor Moon Crystal.”

And, y’know, we read your letters.

That may not seem like much, but trust me, it is.

Also, please remember that next fortnight we’re actually doing a “best of” episode instead of a regular one. If there are any parts of this first year of Nerd & Tie you’d like to see featured, tell us (including the episode title and the timecode of the bit you liked) in our contact form!

Sailor Moon 2014 Transformation Sequence Leaked, As Do the Bladders of Everyone Excited for New Series

Last night, the transformation sequence for the 2014 reboot of Sailor Moon got leaked to fans all around the world, causing massive heart stoppages and bladder evacuations from the pure joy of YOU GUYS THE NEW SAILOR MOON REBOOT COMES OUT IN 3 DAYS OH MY GOD.

The new transformation sequence is crisp and clean, unlike the undergarments of every person that is eagerly anticipating the new series after multiple setbacks in the last year.  It also features some excellent subtle 3D animation, a detail not missed by millions of now soiled fans.

The new Sailor Moon reboot begins broadcasting on July 5th, 2014

Image via Crunchyroll