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Episode 113 – Screaming Porg Edition

The holidays have borked up our schedule a bit, but here we are with another episode of Nerd & Tie! On this go-round, we give you our spoiler-free review of The Last Jedi, talk about Disney’s impending purchase of Fox, get freaked out by the Alita: Battle Angel trailer, and contemplate the ramifications of the San Diego Comic-Con v. Salt Lake Comic Con verdict.

It’s super fun.

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(Note: Some errors on Youtube have literally lost like ten minutes of time from this — so good luck. The audio version will be a much better experience)

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Jury Rules Salt Lake Comic Con Violated San Diego Comic-Con’s Trademark

The jury has returned a verdict in San Diego Comic-Con’s lawsuit against Salt Lake Comic Con. Unfortunately for the hundreds of comic cons across the country, they seem to have sided with the California juggernaut.

Where San Diego Comic-Con was after as much as $12 million, the jury only awarded them $20,000. Importantly though, the jury agreed that Salt Lake Comic Con violated San Diego Comic-Con’s trademark.

This could have massive implications for events across the country that use variations of “comic con” in their names. Frankly, it’s a generic term, and was long before San Diego Comic-Con’s owners Comic Con International applied for the “comic-con” mark. Salt Lake Comic Con is expected to appeal the verdict, and hopefully sanity will eventually prevail.

Via Fox 13, Deseret News

Episode 78 – Please Don’t Explode

On this episode of Nerd & Tie, the MST3K Revival has found a home on Netflix, SDCC sees the release of Justice League and Wonder Woman trailers, we finally find out who’s in Supergirl’s pod, Ghost Rider’s coming to Agents of SHIELD, Brie Larson’s been cast as Captain Marvel, the new Star Trek show has a name (and ship), and Trae and Nick went to Kitsune Kon.

And our computers barely kept themselves together… it was rough.

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Note: Due to the normal server we stream to being down, we were forced to record this on a local machine… that couldn’t quite keep up. It gets a bit unsynchronized and the show goes on. And by “a bit” I mean “a lot.”

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Episode 72 – Changing of the Guard

On this episode of Nerd & Tie we discuss Pearl Mackie’s casting as the new Doctor Who companion, Neil Gaiman is adapting Good Omens for Television, Syfy has ordered Krypton to pilot, Inhumans is off of Marvel’s schedule, John Macaluso has stepped down as the CEO of Wizard World, and Fox plans on skipping this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

…which I guess we care about?

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Fox Will Skip San Diego Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con is probably one of the biggest platforms media companies use to preview and announce new projects directly to fans. It’s often the first place new trailers and exclusive clips get shown to a packed hall. And I mean, sure – those clips often get subsequently leaked onto the internet afterwards, but who can really be surprised at that in this day and age? It’s pretty hard to get mad about fans being enthusiastic about something.

Well, Fox apparently can. The studio seems to have decided to skip it this year for apparently that very reason.

Honestly, I don’t really care if a studio skips SDCC. Marvel skipped it last year, and no one was worse for wear. But honestly, I just don’t really buy their reasoning. I mean, honestly I wasn’t really excited for Fox’s Deadpool until I saw the leaked footage from Comic Con last year — and it turned out to be my favorite superhero film that Fox has ever produced. If this is really Fox’s reasoning, it just doesn’t really make sense from a business perspective.

What really may be going on though is that, frankly, SDCC is getting more and more expensive for Studios to present at every year. That rising price tag I suspect has more to do with this decision than any fear of leaks.

But hey, it’s just a theory.

Via The Wrap

Episode 52 – Back From the Dead

On this fortnight’s episode of Nerd & Tie, we return after three weeks to mourn the loss of Satoru Iwata, get super confused by the upcoming Sleepy Hollow/Bones crossover, consider the ramifications of The Lone Gunmen’s return in The X-Files revival, acknowledge that San Diego Comic Con is totally a thing that happened, and note Jurassic Park 5‘s inevitability.

Also, there’s some Ant Man in the mailbag.

And if you watch the video version of the podcast, you get to watch the insanity that occurs when Trae’s computer freezes while we’re trying to stop recording the show.

It’s kind of hilarious.

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Marvel May Skip San Diego Comic Con This Year

According to Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, Marvel may be skipping San Diego Comic Con this year. During a Facebook Q&A, Gunn said the following:

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 11.56.53 AM

When asked on Twitter if he was lying to cover for Marvel, Gunn doubled down:

At the current point in the film cycle, it actually makes sense that Marvel would skip the event this year (and maybe leave room for, say, fellow Disney product Star Wars) – but is it weird for anyone else that we’ve now reached the point where Marvel is skipping Comic Con because of their film schedule? I mean, it’s not bad… but it’s kind of funny.

Via io9