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Wine Country Comic Con’s Bizarre Litany of Lies

Last week we published a piece on Wine Country Comic Con. A first year convention currently scheduled for April 23-24 in Santa Rosa, CA, we were alarmed to find they were using a fake Facebook account to spam groups and talk with potential attendees.

But the more we looked into this event, the more we discovered that this story went further than just the fictional “Frida Avila.” Wine Country Comic Con organizer Uriel Brena has constructed a complex charade of lies, fake staffers, and a whole bunch of weirdness.

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‘Twin Cities Zombie Hunt’ Still Hasn’t Paid Their ‘Zombies’

“Twin Cities Zombie Hunt” seemed like a cool idea — even if their website annoyingly makes a crap-ton of “zombie” noises when you open it up. The idea is you go out at night and shoot glow in the dark paintballs at people pretending to be zombies.

Well… it’s not so much fun for the zombies actors it turns out. At least it isn’t when said actors aren’t provided adequate safety equipment, and — oh yeah — their boss decides not to pay them.

KARE 11 News is reporting that the Twin Cities Zombie Hunt (run by NOC Paintball) provided only enough face masks and gear for some of their ‘zombie’ employees. The equipment was distributed first come, first serve. According to some of the (mostly teenage) employees, the paintballs fired were occasionally frozen as well.

And, of course, after injury and humiliation, when the employees went to pick up their paychecks at the end of the season, they found themselves empty handed.

Why Erin Clark (the owner of Twin Cities Zombie Hunt) hasn’t paid these people, I don’t know — but it’s ridiculous.

Via KARE 11

Spotting a Scam: The Bill Beckman Casting Agency

Some of you may remember that back in January there was a weird buzz based around a suspicious casting call put out by “Bill Beckman Casting” that The Amazing Spider-man 3 was going into production. Now, we all know that’s patently false now, but even then most of us figured out it wasn’t legitimate.

As other people had pointed it out, we mentioned that the casting call was likely a scam. Life moved on, and we thought that it was the end of the story.

That was until we got an email from the “Bill Beckman Casting Agency.”

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