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Shin Godzilla Review

To say Hideaki Anno had a lot to accomplish with Shin Godzilla might be the biggest understatement of the year. Making the first Japanese Godzilla film in more than a decade is a pretty tall order on its own. But this one also had to mend Toho’s pride after getting Out-Godzilla-ed by Americans in 2014. I’m pleased to say that I think Anno successfully fulfilled this tall order,  but how he went about doing it is what I think is truly amazing.

Shin Godzilla is a great movie. Let me put that up front. The cast is very strong, the titular god-lizard is the stuff of nightmares, and, after processing the film for a couple days I feel safe in saying that this is Hideaki Anno’s best film. Continue reading Shin Godzilla Review

You Can See Godzilla Resurgence in an American Theater

This past weekend at Comic Con was filled with more than just new trailers, we also finally got information on an American release for Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi’s Shin Gojira (Godzilla Resurgence) After a long wait, we finally can confirm (as of last Friday) that Funimation has picked up the rights for the US distribution of the film and are going to be bringing it to American theaters.

Its probably safe to assume that, much like the recent Dragonball Z and the live action Attack on Titan Films, this film will have a limited US theatrical release, but frankly, I couldn’t be more excited. Most of the Millenium Godzilla movies were not given a US theatrical release, so the chance to see Japanese Godzilla on the big screen once more is incredibly exciting!

Godzilla Resurgence opens in Japan, this week.

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A Review of Attack On Titan 2: The End of the World (Or at the Very Least Sanity)

A few months ago I watched the first of two live action adaptation of Attack on Titan and it was TERRIBLE. I’m not sure my previous review even did it justice. Sure it wasn’t true to the source material with terrible costumes, laughable special effects and bad lighting, but I didn’t describe just how truly awful the dialog was. I can’t imagine an actor being able to make that script work.

So yeah, that movie was terrible, unbelievably terrible. The sequel is somehow worse.

No, really. Continue reading A Review of Attack On Titan 2: The End of the World (Or at the Very Least Sanity)

The New Godzilla Will Haunt Your Dreams

We finally have a look Godzilla as the big beast will appear in Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi’s Godzilla: Resurgence and… well look at it!

godzilla2 godzilla4

A mess of teeth, a body that looks like its covered by one big nuclear burn, its deformed right arm…

I know this isn’t going to be a popular opinion, but I love this.  Its new and more importantly, its horrifying. Its worth noting that this might not be the final design. Computer touch-ups may still happen, which is what made live action Attack on Titan look like crap, but for now I’m very psyched to see this monster.

Via Bloody Disgusting

An Attack on Titan-Sized Movie, and it’s Terrible.

Live action anime movies have been on the up-and-up recently.Be it the Battlestar Galacticaesque Space Battleship Yamato, the shockingly period-accurate Rurouni Kenshin trilogy, or even the Tom Cruise blockbuster Edge of Tomorrow which was based on Hiroshi Sakurazuka’s All You Need is Kill, it’s clear that live action anime have come a long way since Dragonball Evolution

It should also come as no surprise that Attack on Titan, one of the most popular series of the last five years, would get its own live action film too. With a cast of great characters and a director like Gamera-trilogy veteren Shinji Higuchi, what could possibly go wrong?

The answer you ask? Almost the entire film. Continue reading An Attack on Titan-Sized Movie, and it’s Terrible.

Episode 44 – Ignoring Minilla

On this episode we talk about the announced animated Batman movie starring Adam West and Burt Ward, Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi taking the reigns of Godzilla 2016, the X-Files limited series being confirmed, Sony’s bizarre desire to make a Robotech film franchise, Gen Con’s reactions to Indiana’s RFRA, and an awesome little convention in DeKalb called Karoshi Con.

And we have a whole bunch of new listener mail to boot!

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Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi to Co-Direct Godzilla 2016

While the follow up the Legendary’s Godzilla (2014) won’t hit theaters until 2018, we’ve known since last December that Toho is doing their own home-grown reboot of the franchise as well. Mostly it’s happening because Toho saw the success of the American film and realized they could make a whole lot of money off of the King of Monsters again.

But I digress.

The big question has been who will helm the new film, and the answer seems to be Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi.

Both of these names should be fairly familiar to fans of Japanese cinema. While Shinji Higuchi just finished up visual effects for the live action adaptation of Attack on Titan, he also worked on the 90s Gamera films. Hideaki Anno, of course… well… is Hideaki Anno. If you’re reading this blog, I probably don’t have to explain what a little series called Evangelion is.

The film, now titled Godzilla 2016, will come out in (you guessed it) 2016.

Via Wired