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You Can Now Sponsor ‘Nerd & Tie’

Ever wonder to yourself, “How can I help Nerd & Tie… financially?” Well wonder no more, as we have now launched a new, amazing feature where you can sponsor episodes of the show!

It’s amazing!

For just $20, you can choose to contribute to the podcast whenever you want. All you have to do is go to any page on NerdandTie.com and look for the “Sponsor” section on the right (or down below on the mobile version). Just click on the Paypal Donate Button, and that’ll get you going.

What does sponsoring the show get you? Well, I’m glad you asked. Sponsoring the show means we’ll read your name at the beginning of the next episode of the podcast. Want us to read a different name than what’s on your Paypal account? Go to the contact form right after donating and drop us a line telling us what you’d like to be called instead (barring obscenities – we’re not reading a name like “F*ckboy Steve”).

Every penny you donate goes towards making sure we here at Nerd & Tie don’t starve to death.

It’s super fun!

It’s this simple:

Step One:

Shoot the $20 to us on PayPal via this button

Step Two:

Go to the contact form, send a message identifying yourself, and include a single sentence of what you want us to say on your behalf!

Download the new Nerd & Tie end theme!

You may have noticed that with our latest episode we changed our end theme. It used to be part of the same song as our opening, but Trae decided to change things up.

Mostly because he accidentally removed the old theme from the episode template and was too lazy to put it back the way it was.

The new end theme is (also) a Lt. Snorkel track, off of the EP Repeated Minds, and it’s a cover of the Regdar and the Fighter’s song “Cloud Burst” (and features vocals by the infamous Vomit Hat Steve).

You can download the track here.