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Episode 86 – You Can’t Go Back Again

On this episode of Nerd & Tie we discuss The Inhumans hitting the small screen, Hayao Miyazaki coming out of retirement (again), react to the American Ghost in the Shell trailer, consider the new series Neil Gaiman is developing for Fox, and put our heads together about the possibility of a Snowpiercer television series. We also talk about what a disaster Rewind Con apparently turned out being, and Nick went to Daisho Con.

Also, Pher has a very important announcement about his future at Nerd & Tie. It’s a big deal.

TNT Orders ‘Snowpiercer’ Television Series Pilot

Just over a year ago we mentioned that a television series based off of the 2013 film Snowpiercer. Well, it seems like the project is steadily moving forward, as the project just got a pilot order from the TNT network.

The team behind the series appears to be intact from a year ago, with the project being developed by Tomorrow Studios and the pilot will be written by Josh Friedman. The film itself was based on the 1982 French comic Le Transperceneige about a post-Apocalyptic civilization on a constantly moving train, and while it was visually stunning, there were some issues with the plot. Hopefully the television series will be a new adaptation though, and can take the time to correct these issues.

Frankly it’ll just be nice to see more post-apocalyptic fiction that doesn’t involve any zombies.

Via TV Line

‘Snowpiercer’ TV Series in Development

2013’s Snowpiercer, which starred Chris Evans, John Hurt and Tilda Swinton, was an interesting movie. Based on the 1982 French comic Le Transperceneige about a post-Apocalyptic civilization on a constantly moving train, the film was visually stunning, the acting was solid, but the plot… well… has some issues.

Well, Hollywood must not agree with me on that last point, because a Snowpiercer TV Series is now in the works. You know, without that movie star cast and with TV budgets for the visuals. So… pretty much just that questionable plot.

The movie (notably not the comic) has been optioned by Marty Adelstein’s Tomorrow Studios, with The Sarah Conner Chronicles‘s Josh Friedman executive producing and writing. Becky Clements, Bong Joon Ho (who wrote and directed the film) and Chan-wook Park are all executive producers too.

It’s unknown whether this series will be a prequel, retelling, or sequel. Doing it as a sequel is a bit complicated when you consider the ending of the movie, and a prequel would be awkward to anyone who’s seen the film… so… yeah.

We’ll see what happens.

Via TVLine