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“Amazing Spider-Man 3” is Not In Production, Reported Casting Call a Scam

So the internet found itself massively confused when a casting call for Amazing Spider-Man 3 (Archive.org copy) was found online. The casting call listed Andrew Garfield as starring, and it made it seem like not only was Sony sticking with the (otherwise presumed outgoing) star of the franchise, but that ASM3 was going into immediate production (when even the most optimistic estimates wouldn’t see the film happening before 2018).

Well the reason that the casting call seems completely incongruous to everything we know about the goings on with in the Sony Spider-Man franchise is simple: The casting call is completely fake.

It turns out the “Bill Beckman Casting Agency” posting is likely a scam, and this was all just some attempt to defraud hopeful actors and actresses who might not know better.

The world has not turned upside down, don’t worry.

Via Cinema Blend, ComicBookMovie.com (internet archive version)

Other sources: Christian Today, IBTimes

Update: One of the articles we initially linked to has disappeared. We’ve replaced the link with one to the Archive.org archive of the article. We have also added additional sources.

Spider-Man: A Franchise in Turmoil

The writing on the wall seems pretty clear: Andrew Garfield may not be Spider-Man for much longer. The Amazing Spider-Man 2, while profitable, was the least successful Spider-Man film for Sony. That’s right, even Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, which caused the reboot that cast Garfield in the first place, did better in the box office.

And even if the film had been successful, there are reports that Garfield may have personally offended the higher ups at Sony by ditching an important meeting last minute with company executives. Combined with his previous comments blaming executive meddling for ASM2‘s faults… it’s getting hard to explain why the guy is still signed on.

The recent email leak has also hinted at Marvel trying to negotiate a deal with Sony to share the character — and Marvel definitely wants a clean slate for the character if they manage to get something down. But even if that falls through, Sony may still recast Spider-Man in future films just because.

The whole damned thing’s a mess.

Via Mashable

Could Spider-Man’s Marriage Return to Canon?

In 2006 the most ridiculous storyline to ever grace the pages of Spider-Man comics culminated in the retconning away of Peter Parker’s marriage to Mary Jane Watson. Well, okay, Aunt May’s death getting retconned to an actress hired to pretend to be Aunt May was pretty awful too, but “One More Day” was worse.

Anyway, there’s a chance reality might go back to normal, as a new teaser image for Summer 2015 features Peter, Mary Jane and a young girl (likely May Parker) with the words “Renew Your Vows.”

And if this means there’s even a slight chance that they’re reversing the effects of “One More Day,” I might be finally excited about a Spider-Man book again.


Donald Glover Is Finally Spider-Man… Sort Of

To be specific, Donald Glover will be voicing Miles Morales (the current Spider-Man in the “Ultimate” comics continuity) in an upcoming episode of the “Ultimate Spider-Man” TV series (which has absolutely no relationship with the identically named comic Morales is the star of).

Confused yet?

Anywho, in the next season of the Disney XD television series Peter Parker (who is still Spider-Man in the show) will be universe hopping in pursuit of the Green Goblin (who is trying to steal the DNA of every Spider-Man he can). One of those realities will closely mirror the Ultimate-comics universe… so yeah, a universe where Peter Parker is dead and Miles Morales is Spider-Man. So, TV-Ultimate Spider-Man will be introducing a TV-Ultimate version of the Comics-Ultimate Spider-Man.

My ears are now bleeding, so here’s a clip:


Episode 27 – Two out of Three

On this fortnight’s episode of Nerd & Tie we are without a Nick! Nick down, Nick down!

…or at least his internet is.

Pher and Trae go it alone, talking about the American adaptation of Dirk Gently, Sony’s woman led Spider-verse movie, Babylon 5’s potential reboot, Batman v. Superman’s date shift and plot details, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and our biggest mailbag yet!

We asked for letters, and you guys took up the challenge big time.

Sony Working On Female-Hero Led Spider-verse Film

So with Kevin Fiege saying that they just don’t have time to do a woman led Superhero movie over in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it comes as a bit of a surprise to find out that Sony is working on a female superhero led film in their Spider-man franchise.

Deadline reports that Sony is aiming for a 2017 release date, but little else is known. While my money is on Black Cat (as we’ve already been introduced to her in Amazing Spider-Man 2), there are other Spider-man related characters (Firestar, Spider-woman, Silver Sable) who could be the lead.

In any case, it’s nice to see that at least one studio making superhero films right now is willing to take the risk and make a woman-led film in the genre.

Let’s hope it starts a trend.

Via Deadline. Photo via the talented Hydraworx

Sinister Six and Amazing Spider-Man 3 Get Release Dates

Sony has annouced release dates for both the upcoming Sinister Six and Amazing Spider-Man 3 in their Spider-Man film franchise.

Sinister Six will hit theaters November 11th, 2016 and Amazing Spider-Man 3 will follow in May of 2018.

I’ve seen blog entries surprised by Sinister Six happening prior to ASM3, but based on everything Sony has said about the Sinister Six film I’m not. There have been rumors about troubles in the Spider-Man film franchise, with formerly key people like Robert Orci seemingly out of the loop, but from what I’ve been able to find, most seem fairly unfounded.

The real question is, will Spider-Man appear in Sinister Six? Andrew Garfield is only contracted for three films, and one would assume that the third film is ASM3. If Spider-Man doesn’t appear, one questions the structure of a villain centric film with no clear hero.

I guess we’ll find out in 2016.

Via Screenrant

Robert Orci Not As Involved With Amazing Spider-Man 3 As Sony Would Have You Think

Sony listed Robert Orci as part of the official “brain trust” behind their Spider-Man film franchise, but he doesn’t seem to be as involved as they’d have us believe. Orci co-wrote and was a producer on “Amazing Spider-Man 2,” but has made statements that he’s not officially involved with Amazing Spider-Man 3 right now.

The same Amazing Spider-Man 3 which has a 2017 release date.

His lack of official involvement isn’t SUPER surprising, because Orci is currently cowriting and set to make his directorial debut with the next Star Trek film. That film will come out in 2016 as part of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary. What IS surprising though is that Orci doesn’t seem to know Sony’s ongoing plans for the franchise.

Which, if he was truly a part of the team figuring out said plan, he would.

Via Screenrant

Episode 21 – A Meandering Mess

We attempt to get the episode in some sort of orderly fashion, but barely manage coherance. We talk about the death of Star War’s expanded universe, more details about Episode VII, Wolverine’s upcoming “death,” our thoughts on Amazing Spider-Man 2, Community’s cancellation, Gotham’s new trailer, No Brand Con 2014 and Cherry City Comic Con show us all how NOT to do convention PR.

And we let Nick talk about Cardcaptor Sakura.


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