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CBS, Paramount Suing Creators of Star Trek Fan Film ‘Axanar’

Franchises like Star Trek and Star Wars have a long tradition of allowing “Fan films” to be produced using their intellectual property. But while LucasFilm put out guidelines for makers of fan films years ago for their Star Wars franchise, Paramount (and now CBS) have avoided ever putting anything in print. Since fans had been allowed to produce and distribute fan films for decades though, most assumed everything was okay.

Well… not so much anymore.

THR is reporting that Paramount and CBS (who currently owns Star Trek) have filed suit against the producers of the highly anticipated Axanar fan film. Axanar notably raised over a million dollars between Kickstarter and Indiegogo, and is set 20 years prior to the original Star Trek TV series.

While productions like Axanar may look much more professional than the fan films of old, it’s because the people making it are largely professionals. Technology has also progressed to the point where costs to make a quality fan film are just a fraction of what they were twenty years ago. Paramount and CBS clearly feel threatened though, and are doing what most would consider pretty ridiculous — suing some of their most loyal fans.

CBS has gotten more aggressive with fan productions of late, as while the Axanar related Prelude to Axanar remains live on Youtube, fellow fan production Star Trek: Renegades had their pilot episode pulled from the service for “commercially deceptive” content.

The entire thing smacks of shortsightedness, and if it goes to trial may finally settle some of the non-commercial fair use arguments around fan films. Rights holders have always insisted that fan films technically violated their copyrights, but that’s never been challenged in court as in the past they’ve also been permissive to allow the productions to continue. If it turns out that the courts side with the fan film producers’ fair use argument, it could open the floodgates to more being made.

And, y’know, there’s that whole thing where you might not want to sue your most loyal customers for liking your product too much. Not a great idea.


Episode 55 – Rush Job

On this fortnight’s Nerd & Tie, we mourn Wes Craven’s passing, we’re launching an Indiegogo campaign Tuesday for the Nerd & Tie Expo, Star Trek: Renegades is terrible, Marvel and Disney are reorganizing Marvel Studios, ditching Creative Committee, a mass shooting was averted at the Pokemon World Championship, Wizard World loses money for the second quarter in a row, and TCE2 is having financial issues too.

We packed a lot into this hour.

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‘Star Trek: Renegades’ is Here… and it’s Terrible

So we’ve been following Star Trek: Renegades for a while. We were originally hopeful (though skeptical). I mean it had random Trek-alums Walter Koenig and Tim Russ in notable roles (and a whole bunch of others in smaller parts), and other science fiction franchise alums like Corin Nemec appearing as well. I questioned Tim Russ’s directing chops, but the premise sounded neat. I was optimistic.

But then the trailer came out and, well, it was a thing. The trailer, which is supposed to be the best bits crammed together, just looked bad. When a trailer looks bad, you know you’re in trouble.

Well, now the entire thing is up on YouTube, and unfortunately my instincts have been proven correct.

This was made on a small budget, and if it were 1995, the film didn’t have Star Trek in the name, and I was watching it at 11pm on a Saturday night on a random UHF channel, I’d probably love the movie. Frankly, I still kind of do – but it’s for all the wrong reasons.

Literally every bad scifi movie cliche was crammed into Renegades. And I mean every. single. one. But at least it’s nice to know that Edward Furlong and Sean Young are alive still — that’s a small bit of comfort. Also, you get to watch Vic Mignogna die. I always enjoy that.

He got away last time.

So if you’ve got an hour and a half to burn, sit down and watch this… whatever it is. This glorified fan film that proves even with an excellent cast, there is no saving a mediocre script. But hey, I got to make some Parker Lewis Can’t Lose jokes while watching it, so that made it kind of worth it.

Protip: If you want to hear a ridiculous song written specifically for the movie, wait until about halfway through the end credits. It’s amazing.

For Better or For Worse, the Full “Star Trek: Renegades” Trailer Is Here

Way, way back on episode 6 of the podcast we talked about Star Trek: Renegades, a crowd funded, star studded, independent Star Trek TV pilot coming together. Well, that was a while ago, and this is now.

Star Trek: Renegades has chugged along with production since then, and just today released a full length Trailer for the project featuring actual footage from the 90 minute pilot. Here it is:

Honestly? While I can get behind the concept, parts of the trailer (which is arguably supposed to show the best bits) seem a little cheesy — like they’re straight out of 90s Science Fiction shows that didn’t have Star Trek in the title. I know the creators have high hopes for the series to get picked up by CBS, but the fan film origins bleed through too many of the shots for me to believe they’d ever take it seriously.

I expect Renegades to be an enjoyable fan film, but never anything more.

Episode 6 – A 90s Revelation

The band is back together for our sixth episode where we talk about FOX picking up Gotham (a pre-Batman police procedural), Linda Carter’s Man of Steel 2/Wonder Woman comments, Stephanie Brown’s unbenching by DC, Star Trek Renegades, Star Wars Rebels, (My) Immortal’s season 2 kickstarter, and the newly recovered episodes of Doctor Who.

Also, revelations about Trae in the 90s.

It’s not as exciting as it sounds.

But it’s kind of funny.

Also: Link to the My Immortal Kickstarter.