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New Dumb Star Wars Rumor: Wrestler ‘Sheamus’ To Play Darth Vader

Now that Steven Moffat’s involvement in Star Wars has been thoroughly debunked, I hoped that we were due for a new crazy-ass, untrue rumor to start floating around about the Star Wars sequels.

And my wishes have been granted.

Apparently, the newspaper Irish Mirror is reporting that WWE wrestler ‘Sheamus’ (real name Stephen Farrelly) has been cast in Episode VII as Darth Vader. Their reasoning? Sheamus has played Vader in promotions and he happens to be in Ireland (where Star Wars is filming).

Yep. That’s it.

Nevermind that Vader is dead, and the Special Editions revamped Anakin Skywalker’s force ghost… doesn’t really look like a wrestler. Or that ‘Sheamus’ actually is Irish and might have other reasons to go to Ireland.

We expect this to get debunked pretty quickly, but hey — enjoy the stupid while you can.

Via sescoops.com

Steven Moffat + Star Wars = My Favorite Rumor Ever

Okay, so I’m 99% sure this entire thing is complete and utter BS, but a rumor currently floating around currently is trying to link Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat to a future installation of Star Wars.

Any clue if it would be Episode IX or a standalone piece? No information. Is he writing it? No one knows. Is he directing it? No clue. Is he making a ham sandwich on set? No idea!

But isn’t it exciting? Sort of? In a “watch the fan rage explode across the internet” kind of way? I mean, I can find no solid sources on this at all, and I think the site I got it from is pulling some sort of click bait stunt… but imagine the possibilities.

Possibilities of terribleness.

But hey, at least Star Wars was already terrible when it comes to women characters, so Moffat would fit right in.

Update: Sadly, Steven Moffat’s wife had to spoil my fun by denying the rumor –

Unless… of course! Her denying it is all part of Moffat’s plan to destroy the world with regenerating ewoks!

You heard it here first, kids!

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Throwback Thursday: Nick Izumi Takes On The Clone Wars

It’s Thursday, so that means it’s time to dial up our timebooths to somewhere in the past and toss up whatever the hell we find! This week’s installment of Throwback Thursday finds its way out of 2008 when Nick Izumi first reacted to “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

That would be the SECOND Clone Wars series, not to be confused with the OTHER Clone Wars series.

It’s all very confusing.

J.J. Abrams Wants Episode VII Pushed Back To 2016, Disney Says No

While Disney is dead set on Episode VII coming out in December 2015, it’s being reported that director J.J. Abrams has been repeatedly asking that the film’s release be delayed to 2016 (for a May 4th release). Disney’s Bob Iger isn’t having any of this though. Latino Review wrote:

And he still, to this day, [Abrams] thinks that his Star Wars should be released in May like all the other Star Wars movies have been. Kathleen Kennedy feels this way too. But Bob Iger of Disney? He’s making December of next year happen. Postponing is not an option. Harrison Ford’s leg be damned, if Fast and Furious 7 can still be coming with a much more serious casting problem, how can something like Star Wars, a franchise with theoretically infinite money behind it, let something as tiny as a broken leg stop them?

Abrams invested a lot of time in preproduction — enough so where Disney already allowed him to delay the film from May 2015 to December 2015. The real question is whether or not Abrams is actually in a state where he doesn’t think he can pull off the movie on this schedule, or if he just thinks it will do better in the box office with a May release.

Or maybe that isn’t the question at all. Maybe it’s really, “Will Iger budge?”

Via Slashfilm

George Lucas’s Museum Coming to Chicago

Midwestern geeks rejoice, for George Lucas’s proposed museum (which will house his extensive movie memorabelia and art collection) is not destined for the west coast as originally thought, but instead for The Windy City (and place of my birth) — Chicago, IL.

Why not San Fransisco, where Lucas has been based for quite some time? Well, The Chicago Tribune writes:

The city got a shot at the museum because Lucas was unable to nail down an agreement for his first choice: a San Francisco bayside location on Crissy Field, part of a former Army base that was turned into an urban national park known as the Presidio. In a statement Tuesday, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee said the Presidio’s board “unwisely rejected” Lucas’ preferred site and “forced” him to consider Chicago.

The proposed site is where several parking lots sit near Soldier Field, and it still has to pass the Chicago Plan Commission… but the future for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in the midwestern Metropolis looks good.

Let’s hope it doesn’t bother the Soldier Field tailgaters too much.

Source: Chicago Tribune

Episode 21 – A Meandering Mess

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And we let Nick talk about Cardcaptor Sakura.


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Man, a TMNT/Doctor Who crossover would be great…

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Oooh, we’re all fancy now.