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A (Thankfully Animated) Super Mario Bros Film Is in Development

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Nintendo is working to bring Mario and Luigi back to the big screen. Unlike the 1993 film, which is best described as “a thing that happened one time,” this new movie will be an animated one.

The video game company has made a deal with Universal’s Illumination Entertainment (best known for the Despicable Me films) to make the movie, after completing negotiations that have been apparently been going on for years. The film is still just “in development,” which of course means things could fall apart at any moment. Even if this does go perfectly, animated movies like this take years to make it to screen.

But hey — there’s a good chance it will eventually happen, and that’s pretty exciting.

Via The Wall Street Journal

This is What the PC Version of Super Mario Bros 3 Might Have Looked Like

1990 was a very different world for PC gaming. Back then, a small developer called “Ideas from the Deep (IFD)” was trying to convince Nintendo to let them adapt Super Mario Bros 3 to the platform, having finally solved smooth side scrolling on Intel machines. IFD went so far as to build a basic version of the game’s engine (and recreate a small part of the game) to try and convince Nintendo to let them do it.

Nintendo said no, and IFD would move on to a very different direction… renaming themselves “id Software.” That’s right, id Software could have spent the 90s developing Nintendo ports instead of creating Wolfenstein and Doom. What a weird alternate universe that would have been. The port got shoved in a vault, destined to never see the light of day.

Well, until some gameplay footage got uploaded to Vimeo by one of the creators. Continue reading This is What the PC Version of Super Mario Bros 3 Might Have Looked Like