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Episode 85 – Battle Pants (The Pants You Battle)

On this episode of the Nerd & Tie Podcast: Bryan Fuller has stepped down as show runner for Star Trek: Discovery, DC’s Flash Movie has lost its second director, Young Justice is actually getting a third season, The Dark Tower is delayed until next summer, Wizard World is cutting back for 2017, Steve Wozniak’s Tokyo Comic Con takes a bad crossplay position (and then reverses it), and actor Ray Park was questioned by police for allegedly assaulting a woman at Super Megafest Comic Con.

Also, we talk a bit about Doctor Strange and the basic formula of lazy writers’ genre shows.

Ray Park Allegedly Assaulted a Woman at Super Megafest Comic Con

Actor Ray Park, best known for his roles in the first X-Men movie and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, was questioned by police about an alleged assault while appearing as a guest at Super Mega Fest Comic Con a couple of weeks ago. Park was not arrested, and returned to the convention to fulfill his appearance requirements afterwards.

The assault allegedly occurred the Saturday night of the convention. While TMZ notes that no witnesses reported any violence, we’re pretty certain that’s not what he’s being accused of. From the people we’ve talked to, Park was fairly drunk that evening and getting a little overly friendly with a few women. John Hebert, who also appeared at the con, posted the following on the 23rd to his Facebook page:


We’ll continue to follow this story and see if anything else develops.

Via TMZ, h/t to Jeff Hartz