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Episode 32 – Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again

On this fortnight’s installment of the podcast, we talk about Squirrel Girl’s upcoming solo series, the complete DC Carnival of Sadness film lineup (including Wonder Woman), Iron Man in Captain America 3, The IT Crowd getting (another) American remake, Pher’s experiences at Anime Fusion and Nick’s opinions on Anime News Network reviewer Theron Martin.

He has some thoughts.

Second American Remake of “The IT Crowd” in the Works

Did you want an American remake of The IT Crowd? Well it doesn’t matter, because you’re getting one! Bill Lawrence is dragging the series over the pond for NBC, alongside Community alums Neil Goldman and Garrett Donovan.

We’re big fans of the original TV series here at Nerd & Tie, so needless to say we look at the new announcement of an American remake of the show in the works< with a pinch of skepticism. This isn't the first time they've tried to remake the show over here - Joel McHale starred in a version originally announced for American airwaves (alongside original British series star Richard Ayoade who reprised his role), but that got cancelled last second before it could go on screens in 2007. I've seen that 2007 pilot, and while Ayoade was brilliant... McHale (who I otherwise love in everything he's done) just couldn't capture Roy. We were all kind of glad it got swept under the carpet, since that also meant McHale was free to be in Community. But that episode was almost a literal shot for shot remake of the British series. Maybe in this attempt the scripts will be reworked and characters modified to better work with the actors cast…

…or it will just be terrible. On the upside, Scrubs and Community are both two of the best sitcoms to come out of American TV, so at least there’s hope with the new show’s creative team.

So there’s still hope.

Via Deadline