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Episode 92 – Bat/Bad Dads

On this episode of Nerd & Tie we mourn the passing of Richard Hatch, celebrate the joy that is The Lego Batman Movie, consider Ben Affleck’s departure from The Batman‘s director’s chair, and prematurely miss Peter Capaldi leaving Doctor Who. Then it’s on to the con scene, where Eternal Con organizer Frank Patz has gotten himself banned from New York Comic Con (and all ReedPop events), STX Brazos Valley Comic Con guests are getting charged for hotel rooms that were supposedly paid for, and Crunchyroll has decided that Northern California totally needs another anime convention.

Just like most of us need another hole in the head.

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Lego Batman Goes ‘Behind the Bricks’

Honestly, The LEGO Batman Movie is the film that DC fans need right now, and it’s coming up on us soon. The latest promotional piece for the film is a short mockumentary ‘Behind the Bricks’ featurette, and it’s pretty damned funny.

In it various characters from the film talk about what they hope audiences will take away from the movie, including the Joker really hoping Batman will love him. I mean, that’s not overtly in the text, but it’s heavily implied. Oh Bruce, why can’t you just make him smile on the inside?

Anyway, it’s funny and you should watch it.

The LEGO Batman Movie hits theaters February 10, 2017.

The Most Notable Trailers From This Year’s SDCC

So San Diego Comic Con is one of the biggest weekends of the year for Pop Culture, and that means one thing: a crap ton of new movie trailers. While we normally post these sorts of things one by one, we thought we’d instead put together a single massive post — sharing our picks for the most notable trailers from this year’s event.

Mostly because we don’t want to bury the other stuff that came out of this weekend — y’know, like this little piece of news.

So come with me, and journey down the rabbit hole of whatever footage was available for these upcoming films that could be hastily cut together for a hungry audience of fanboys and fangirls desperate for morsels from their favorite franchises. It’ll be fun, I promise. Continue reading The Most Notable Trailers From This Year’s SDCC

Episode 70 – All Together Now

On this episode we mourn the passing of Admiral Ackbar himself Erik Bauersfeld, rejoice in the LEGO Batman movie trailers, and question the petition to bring the R rated cut of Batman v Superman to theaters. We also jump straight into the con scene, remembering the Twin Cities’ closing Thunderbird Hotel, comment on the cancellation of yet ANOTHER Yourminicon event, lament issues with this year’s Karoshi Con, and celebrate Who’s Yer Con and the INDYpendent Show for being awesome.

There’s a lot of stuff here.

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Here’s a Second “Lego Batman Movie” Trailer!

Sure it’s been less than a week since we got the first trailer for The LEGO Batman Movie, but why not have a second? I mean, it’s definitely a nice palette cleanser after… well… this whole experience.

The second trailer reminds us that the one constant in every version of Batman is his dead parents. I don’t think they’ll make us watch the LEGO pearls hit the LEGO ground (unlike every other god-damned version even when it’s entirely unnecessary), but the angst is still there… I mean, until said angst transforms into wicked beatboxing.

The LEGO Batman Movie will come to theaters February 10, 2017.

Check out the LEGO Batman Movie Teaser Trailer

For a lot of us, one of the best parts of The LEGO Movie was Will Arnett’s performance as LEGO Batman. A lot of people agreed, which is why no one was surprised when a spin-off featuring LEGO Batman went into production. Directed by Chris McCay and written by Seth Grahame-Smith, the film’s premise is the simple question “Can Batman be Happy?”

I don’t know if there’s an answer to that question, but I expect it will be pretty entertaining watching them try to answer it.

The LEGO Batman Movie will come to theaters February 10, 2017.