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Episode 114 – The Best and Worst of 2017!

It’s time for our annual year in review episode! On this edition of Nerd & Tie we tackle the best and worst that 2017 brought us in Movies, Television, Video Games, Conventions, and more!

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Amazon Gives ‘The Tick’ an August Premiere Date

Last year we got our first look at Amazon’s pilot for a new television series based off of The Tick, and it was picked up for a full season order back in September. And while we’re still waiting to see more of the big blue guy, at least now we know when the show will arrive.

Amazon has released a short tease, promising a August 25th release date earlier today:

Now with prior Amazon releases, episodes have been doled out one at a time, so don’t expect to binge watch the whole season in one day. That said, it’s nice to know when we’ll finally get to dig into a reboot we literally first wrote about back in August of 2014.

It’s pretty exciting.

Episode 83 – The Bare Minimum

On this episode of Nerd & Tie, Trae and Nick fly it alone without Pher (who was busy elsewhere — possibly arm wrestling with the Governor of Minnesota). We talk about the new Power Rangers trailer, how Wonder Woman is (finally) canonically queer, Iron Fist getting a release date, Ben Affleck’s Batman movie maybe (but probably not) having a title, the second Wine Country Comic Con, and how well the Nerd & Tie Expo went.

It’s a good time, trust us.

Amazon Orders ‘The Tick’ To Series

One of the shows we’ve been looking forward to the most for the last couple of years is Amazon’s reboot of The Tick. We got the pilot not that long ago, and it was pretty damned amazing. The new version is not exactly like either the previous live action adaptation or the animated version, but still captures the feel of the original comics. This is a new Tick, but it still feels connected to the old.

Unlike most other networks and services, Amazon’s process is to put its produced pilots online and let the viewers decide whether or not a show will continue. We’ve been waiting anxiously to find out whether or not the show would keep going.

And the answer is “yes it will.”

The show has been picked up for a full season order, and it’s expected to premiere sometime in 2017. Personally, I’m excited. The pilot was rock solid, and I think the show is going to be pretty damned great.

Via Screenrant

Peter Serafinowicz Has Been Cast as ‘The Tick’ in Amazon Reboot

The return of The Tick to television has been a long time coming, with the development of an Amazon live action version first announced back in 2014. Even thought the new show will likely be darker than the previous live action adaptation, many had hoped that Patrick Warburton would return to the role. (as he is a a producer on the show).

Sadly though, once it was announced earlier this month that Amazon was finally moving forward on a pilot, Warburton’s schedule would not allow him to return to the role. So while we’re getting more The Tick, we didn’t know who would play him.

Well, time passes and new information has come to light. We now know who will be donning the blue suit in the pilot, and that’s none other than Peter Serafinowicz.

Serafinowicz is best known to audiences for his appearances in Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, he’s an interesting choice. He definitely has the comedy chops for the role, though they may have to do something about his chin…

In any case, if we can’t have Warburton, Serafinowicz seems like a pretty solid alternative. No word when the pilot for The Tick will be released (as Amazon tends to decided which shows to order to series based on how well the pilots do with their users), but we’re sure to have thoughts on it once it’s out.

Via The Wrap

Amazon Finally Orders Pilot for ‘The Tick,’ Sadly Without Warburton

We first heard about the possibility of The Tick making a live action comeback on Amazon back in 2014. Everyone around these parts got pretty excited, but then there was… nothing. In fact I was starting to think this project was just dead.

Well, after a long silence, Deadline is now reporting that Amazon has finally gotten around to ordering the series to pilot.

Sadly, it turns out (due to his schedule) that Patrick Warburton is unavailable to return, so the role will have to be recast. Arthur has already been recast with Griffin Newman now filling the role, and Valorie Curry will play Arthur’s sister Dot. Warburton will still be involved as a producer, and The Tick creator Ben Edlund will (of course) be showrunning the series if it gets picked up.

On the upside, Amazon releases its pilots whether or not they end up making a full show out of it – so we’re going to get to watch some The Tick no matter what. I think that’s pretty awesome.

Via Deadline

“The Tick” TV Relaunch May Be Darker Than Previous Series

Talking Movieweb, Patrick Warburton hinted that the new incarnation of The Tick TV show that’s being developed for Amazon may end up being a lot darker than his previous outing as the character thirteen years ago. This would make the show more in line with the original comics appearances of the character, where the Tick was more of a dangerous lunatic than a loveable (yet nigh-invulnerable) oaf.

But beyond general hints, Warburton is fairly tight lipped about the reboot:

I’m really not at liberty to discuss anything in regards to The Tick right now. I will say, isn’t it ironic that Captain Liberty’s friend isn’t at liberty? Are there discussions? I would say things look very interesting and positive. I love The Tick. I’d love to do it again. I never would have thought I’d have the opportunity to do this again. I think it would be a blast to do it again. We’ll see what happens.

We’ll see what happens indeed.

Via Movieweb

Episode 29 – Definitely Not CBS

On this episode of Nerd & Tie we talk about Marvels (lack of) plans for an Iron Man 4, the return of The Tick live action series, DashCon rebranding to “EmotiCon”, a Supergirl TV series being developed, the DC Carnival of Sadness being official policy, Dwayne Johnson and Benedict Cumberbatch’s future with DC, and our thoughts on Geek.kon.

Oh, and Nick kept losing his connection. Podcasting is fun!

The Tick Returns?


The Tick may be making a comeback! (Although if you’ve been reading the Tick comics, you know he’s never really left.) Anyway, Amazon wants to bring  writer Ben Edlund, along with the star of the live action series,  Patrick Warburton back to make an all new episodes of the cult favorite.

I’m not entirely sure where this cult is myself. The cartoon still has some very avid fans but the usual reaction I’ve heard to the live action series is “Huh?” But when Superheroes are all the rage and taken super seriously all the time, someone’s gotta be there to lampoon them. And if you as me, that someone might as well be an old favorite.

Via: SuperHeroHype