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Mulder and Scully’s Son is Central to ‘The X-Files’ Season 11 Trailer

The revival of The X-Files was a mixed bag. The tenth season brought us one of the most brilliant episodes of the series ever produced… and it also brought along some of the worst. That includes a cliff hanger ending, which sure was a kicker to everyone who believed that the tenth season was going to wrap up the show. Well, the series is coming back for another revival season, and Fox has released a trailer for it.

It looks like one of the major focuses of the season will be William, the son of Mulder and Scully who somehow never got mentioned last season. Honestly, I don’t know how much I care about William, but it would be super weird if he never came up again. I just can’t help but think about the fact that due to various TV crossovers, that the pandemic cliff hanger of season 10 technically happened on Law & Order: SVU too. Like, how did Ice-T deal with that?

The X-Files Season 11 arrives in 2018.

‘The X-Files’ is Coming Back For an Eleventh Season, But Should It?

So we didn’t mention it (mostly because we were off busy at No Brand Con), but The X-Files is officially coming back for an eleventh season which is expected to go into production this summer. And while this is expected to air during the 2017-2018 television season, I just find myself asking — is this something that we really want?

Because I’m not sure we do.

The show returned to television last year for a tenth season after being off the air for over a decade, and it was a mixed bag. While it did give us the series singular best episode in my opinion (“Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster”), the rest of the season just wasn’t that great. I mean, we start with an episode that’s designed to “simplify” the mythology (which just ends up making it a bigger mess), and end on a cliffhanger that barely makes sense. In the middle there are a mix of forgettable episodes, and one awkward episode that is simultaneously preachy yet always feels like it’s telegraphing an obvious twist that never comes (“Babylon”).

It’s just not good. Continue reading ‘The X-Files’ is Coming Back For an Eleventh Season, But Should It?

‘The X-Files’ Season 11 Extremely Likely, Just a Matter of Timing

The revival of The X-Files was a ratings success for Fox, and besides two particular episodes was a pretty solid installment for the franchise. I mean, it had some of the show’s best and worst episodes in a six episode season — it was very X-Files-y. With that in mind (and a cliffhanger ending), many have been asking if we were going to get more of the series.

The answer is “almost certainly, but not for a while.”

It’s being reported that Fox chairman and CEO Dana Walden has stated that Chris Carter, Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are all on board for another season. The only obstacle is just how busy all of them are, so we shouldn’t expect it for at least another year.

This is good news for fans of the show, especially since (as previously mentioned) that revival season ended with a ridiculously dumb cliffhanger ending. Lord knows how they plan on getting themselves out of it, but I look forward to seeing them try.

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Is ‘The X-Files’ Just a Dream? The Elliot Carlin Theory

We’ve all heard of the Tommy Westphall Theory of television — where many of the shows across TV history take place in the mind of St. Elsewhere’s autistic Tommy Westphall. But what if that’s too simple — what if these shows fell into not one, but TWO realities: One the “real” world, and the other a “dream” world forming that reality’s collective unconscious? I call it the Elliot Carlin Theory, and I swear it even makes sense.

The Off Week” is a series of videos produced by Nerd & Tie in the weeks where we aren’t producing a full length podcast. The goal is to raise questions and make you think about things that you’ve maybe taken for granted.

What If Everything You Know About The X-Files is Wrong?

So Fox put out a new trailer for the upcoming revival of The X-Files (which arrives this January). You can watch the trailer below, but in it Mulder utters the line “What if our work, the X-Files, everything we’ve been led to believe in is a lie.”

And it has me scared.

Not because I have some sort of emotional investment in pre-existing show’s mythology, but because it makes me suspect something about the new episodes. I think they’re going to arbitrarily throw out a large chunk of the mythology as a cheat. Rather than put in the work and make things work within the established continuity, the new season may retcon away a lot of great stuff in the effort to make life easier for the writers.

It’s a disappointing thought, and hopefully I’m wrong.

Episode 52 – Back From the Dead

On this fortnight’s episode of Nerd & Tie, we return after three weeks to mourn the loss of Satoru Iwata, get super confused by the upcoming Sleepy Hollow/Bones crossover, consider the ramifications of The Lone Gunmen’s return in The X-Files revival, acknowledge that San Diego Comic Con is totally a thing that happened, and note Jurassic Park 5‘s inevitability.

Also, there’s some Ant Man in the mailbag.

And if you watch the video version of the podcast, you get to watch the insanity that occurs when Trae’s computer freezes while we’re trying to stop recording the show.

It’s kind of hilarious.

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The Lone Gunmen Returning in ‘The X-Files’ Revival… Somehow?

Three of the most popular supporting characters on The X-Files were The Lone Gunmen, played by Dean Haglund, Tom Braidwood and Bruce Harwood. They appeared in dozens of episodes and even had their own short lived TV series.

And now that The X-Files are coming back – apparently so are they.

Dean Haglund himself confirmed the trio’s return on twitter, but – I mean – there’s a bit of a problem with this whole thing…

…the problem being (and I’m sorry if this is a spoiler) The Lone Gunmen died in the last season of The X-Files.

They made a single appearance as “ghosts” post mortem, but it’s kind of an obstacle to their return – and whether we’ll just see them in a flashback or some non-living form seems the most likely method of their appearance.

But I guess we’ll all find out together.

The X-Files returns January 24, 2016.

‘The X-Files’ Revival Gets a Release Date

We’ve known for a bit that Fox has greenlit a six episode revival of The X-Files. What we haven’t known is when exactly this revival would hit the airwaves. Well, now we do.

Fox has announced that the The X-Files will return to television on January 24, 2016.

I’m skeptical about bringing back a series which was such a product of its time, but since series creator Chris Carter is showrunning the show has a shot. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are both back and starring, and Mitch Pileggi will appear as well (although we don’t know for how many episodes).

Let’s hope it lives up to the original series.

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Episode 44 – Ignoring Minilla

On this episode we talk about the announced animated Batman movie starring Adam West and Burt Ward, Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi taking the reigns of Godzilla 2016, the X-Files limited series being confirmed, Sony’s bizarre desire to make a Robotech film franchise, Gen Con’s reactions to Indiana’s RFRA, and an awesome little convention in DeKalb called Karoshi Con.

And we have a whole bunch of new listener mail to boot!

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The X-Files Returning as a Limited Series

Over the last few months it’s been rumored that FOX wants to bring back The X-Files. Well it’s now been confirmed that the show will return to airwaves as a limited, six episode series.

Stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are both back, with series creator Chris Carter at the helm. Production begins this summer, but it’s unknown when the episodes will actually hit the air.

It’s believed the limited series will focus on stand alone episodes, without dipping heavily into the mythology. They attempted the exact same thing with 2008’s The X-Files: I Want to Believe, and personally I believe it’s a mistake. Those clamoring for more of The X-Files universe are the ones who want to know more about the core mythology. If we wanted to see two people with intense chemistry solve unexplained mysteries… we could just watch more Supernatural.

But hey, that’s just one person’s opinion.

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