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Episode 67 – Deadpool and Destruction

On this episode we talk about Deadpool‘s remarkable turn at the box office, Fox considering an R rating for Wolverine 3, the unfortunate continuation of the Battlestar Galactica reboot, Bryan Fuller taking the reigns of the upcoming Star Trek TV series, the final nail in TCE2‘s coffin, and how y’all really need to stop trashing convention hotels.

Seriously. Stop it.

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Titletown Comic & Entertainment Expo Officially Dead

We’ve been following the saga of Titletown Comic & Entertainment Expo (TCE2) for a while. The convention was plagued with troubles from the very get go, and after last fall’s event was cancelled many were still waiting for refunds well into the new year. Things did not look well for the convention, and they had yet to hold a single convention.

Well, it’s officially all over now. Even though the official website is still selling tickets for the June convention, Nerd & Tie has confirmed that TCE2 is dead.

After the official Facebook page was deleted, we reached out to TCE2 organizer Denni Towle to find out what was up. Towle confirmed that the June show was cancelled, and that TCE2 was done as an event. Towle also told us he was trying to learn from this failure, and was considering trying to run a much smaller event in either late 2016 or early to mid 2017 under a different name (and with a slightly different focus), just not using the TCE2 name.

In the last few years we’ve seen the cancellation of Awesome Con Milwaukee, the failure of Fantasticon Milwaukee, YourminiCon pull out, and now the slow collapse of TCE2. All but one of those pulled out before running a single con in America’s Dairyland as well.

Madison’s Wizard World Wisconsin seems to be the only autograph con that’s been able to hold its own in Wisconsin, and it has a massive corporation behind it. One has to ask, what makes Wisconsin so special that so many independent, community focused cons are able to succeed, but almost no one can crack the more mainstream market that is sustainable almost anywhere else?

I guess we’ll find out the next time someone tries to step up to the plate.

Full disclosure: Nerd & Tie is currently planning a convention scheduled for September 2016 in Eau Claire, WI

Episode 65 – Not Soon Enough

On this episode of the Nerd & Tie Podcast, Trae and Nick are going it on their own (as Pher is unfortunately ill). We mourn the deaths of David Bowie and Alan Rickman, contemplate Steven Moffat leaving Doctor Who, consider Star Wars Episode VIII’s move to December 2017, skeptically consider Michael Bay’s future with the Transformers franchise, wonder where all the money is from TCE2, and talk about Yourminicon cancelling half of their conventions.

And I guess some other stuff. We rambled a bit.

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Attendees Still Awaiting Refunds From Cancelled Titletown Comic & Entertainment Expo

Last fall we reported on the financial straits and eventual cancellation of the October Titletown Comic & Entertainment Expo (TCE2). The organizers claimed that they were instead going to focus on their planned June event instead (which is currently scheduled for June 3-5, 2016), and offered attendees refunds.

Well, maybe “offered” should be in quotes.

You see, it’s been almost three months since TCE2 organizers offered said refunds, and for at least some people they’ve yet to appear. Continue reading Attendees Still Awaiting Refunds From Cancelled Titletown Comic & Entertainment Expo

Episode 56 – Predictable Ends

On this episode of Nerd & Tie, we talk about Jenna Louise Coleman’s upcoming departure from Doctor Who, Pacific Rim 2‘s cancellation, the possibility of a new King Kong vs. Godzilla, Titletown Comic & Entertainment Expo officially canceling their 2015 con, MRAs filing a nonsensical suit against Calgary Expo, the MetaCon fistfight, Nick’s experiences at Coulee Con, and our ongoing Indiegogo campaign for the Nerd & Tie Expo.

It’s a lot of fun.

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Titletown Comic & Entertainment Expo Cancels October Event

We mentioned about a week ago that Titletown Comic & Entertainment Expo (TCE2) was having some financial troubles. With less than a month away until their intended October 2-4 dates, they looked anything but stable.

Over the last week, things got even rockier. Financial woes with Green Bay’s Ki Convention center culminated with the event moving venues, and multiple vendors backing out of the convention.

All of this reached a head yesterday, when convention management decided to throw in the towel, and cancel the October con. Continue reading Titletown Comic & Entertainment Expo Cancels October Event

Episode 55 – Rush Job

On this fortnight’s Nerd & Tie, we mourn Wes Craven’s passing, we’re launching an Indiegogo campaign Tuesday for the Nerd & Tie Expo, Star Trek: Renegades is terrible, Marvel and Disney are reorganizing Marvel Studios, ditching Creative Committee, a mass shooting was averted at the Pokemon World Championship, Wizard World loses money for the second quarter in a row, and TCE2 is having financial issues too.

We packed a lot into this hour.

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Titletown Comic & Entertainment Expo in Financial Straits, Event’s Future Questioned

Titletown Comic & Entertainment Expo (TCE2) is a first year convention scheduled to take place October 2nd-4th in Green Bay. Of course just because I say “scheduled” doesn’t mean it will actually happen — not unless something changes soon at least.

TCE2 is in trouble.

The convention currently finds itself in financial straits, and with the doors set to open in only a month it’s hard to imagine how the event’s organizers are going to pull this one off.

Continue reading Titletown Comic & Entertainment Expo in Financial Straits, Event’s Future Questioned