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‘The Mummy’ Trailer is Everything You’d Expect From a Tom Cruise Mummy Movie

When I say “a Mummy movie starring Tom Cruise,” the first thing you probably thought of was “A sarcophagus strapped down in an exploding airplane while Tom Cruise uses his mildly-panicked face.” It’s an image no other actor would summon, but once we knew Tom Cruise was involved, exploding airplanes were kind of expected.

Well, the trailer editors agreed with me at least, and that’s what you’ll see in this first trailer for Universal’s newest installment in their bizarre shared monster movie universe. There’s not a lot else to say here though, because frankly — I’m not sure how much this feels like a “Mummy” movie in the first place.

Still might be entertaining though.

The Mummy comes out June 9, 2017.

Jason Fuchs Hired to Write ‘Luna Park’

Doug Liman has been trying to get the film Luna Park made for a while, most recently teaming up with actor Tom Cruise to get it done. Luna Park is officially described as “a group of renegade employees who venture to the moon to steal an energy source.” That is, of course, super vague — and could describe an epic action story or a scifi heist film or anything in between.

But hey, I’d watch any of those movies, so it’s fine by me.

The latest news on the project is that screenwriter (and actor) Jason Fuchs has been brought on board to write the script for the film. Fuchs’s writing credits include Ice Age: Continental Drift, Pan (which flopped) and the forthcoming Wonder Woman film.

If everything goes according to plan, Luna Park could start filming as soon as 2016.

Via Variety

Tom Cruise and Director Doug Liman Developing New Science Fiction Film “Luna Park”

Tom Cruise and Director Doug Liman are planning a new science fiction film entitled Luna Park according to Variety. The two last worked together on the film Edge of Tomorrow, as pictured above.

Liman has been trying to get this film made for a while, with several different lead actors attached before Tom Cruise came on board. According to Variety, the film centers on “a group of renegade employees who venture to the moon to steal an energy source.” That sounds like it could be an entertaining film.

Or not, it’s kind of vague.

Personally, I’m excited just because it means a new, non-adaptation science fiction film is getting made. While I do love the major franchise pictures we’ve been getting over the last several years, I always get way more excited when people are trying something new.

Let’s hope it pans out.

Via Variety