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Episode 49 – Starting a Gen

On this fortnight’s excursion into the world of Geek, Gen Prock is sitting in for Nick (as his Skype just absolutely refused to connect tonight). We discuss the cancellation of Tron 3, the announcement of Fallout 4, the possible remakes of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Big Trouble in Little China, as well as Guardians of the Galaxy 2 getting a script.

We also discuss the “Women in Comics” panel calamity at Denver Comic Con and the overwhelming harassment issues at MomoCon.

Which are, y’know, not good things.


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Tron 3 Officially Cancelled By Disney

The last we heard about Tron 3 (working title Tron: Ascension) was that it was going to begin production in the fall. As one of the people who actually thoroughly enjoyed Tron: Legacy, I was pretty hyped about it.

Unfortunately for those of us who were looking forward to it, Disney has decided to scrap the film.

The prevailing theory is that the film was cancelled because Tomorrowland has done poorly in theaters, and Tron: Legacy didn’t generate a lot of merchandise sales. Disney apparently wants to go the well of recycling its animated library into live action instead, as it apparently is more profitable.

Which makes sense from a business perspective I guess, but deeply saddens me as a Tron fan who had been hoping for the series to continue.


Tron 3 Will Start Filming In The Fall

So Vancity Buzz is reporting (with Badass Digest confirming) that Tron 3 will begin filming in Vancouver this autumn.

Right now only Garrett Hedlund is confirmed to return (having starred in Tron: Legacy), but others are expected to also sign on eventually. Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski is believed to be returning to the project as well.

I’m one of the people that really enjoyed Tron: Legacy (as it captured the cheesiness of the original), so this is exciting news for me.

Via Vancity Buzz