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‘Veronica Mars’ Cast Reunites for ‘Play It Again, Dick’ Webseries

So it’s not a Veronica Mars webseries – let’s get that straight. It is, however, Veronica Mars adjacent. Rob Thomas announced the possibility of Play it Again, Dick (a webseries focused on Ryan Hansen’s character Dick Casablancas) way back in January, but we’ve heard nothing about it since… so pretty much all of us forgot about it. Well, we finally know more, and Buzzfeed has the scoop.

Apparently the webseries will follow the exploits of a fictional version of Ryan Hansen (obviously played by himself) as he attempts to capitalize on his fame from Veronica Mars. Other cast members will appear as themselves, and the general tone will be more akin to Rob Thomas’s other series Party Down (in which Hansen also appeared).

Personally I think it should be pretty entertaining. While fairly meta, Hansen has a brilliant sense of comedic timing, and this should be right up his alley.

Via Buzzfeed

Episode 17 – Kickstarter Withheld

On this fortnight’s episode we discuss Zack Snyder’s ranting about Watchmen, John Campbell’s Kickstarter implosion, Bitcoin’s Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity, Matt Ryan and Constantine, CW’s Flash’s Costume, the Veronica Mars movie… and how 11% of all Americans mistake HTML for an STD.

Yeah. That bit may make you cry.

Note: This episode has slightly strong language near the beginning. We apologize.

Well, to you.

Not to Zack Snyder.