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Paul Feig Wants to Save ‘Other Space,’ The Best Show You’ve Never Watched

Other Space is probably one of the best science fiction comedies to be produced for American Television, and it’s definitely a strong contender for the best non-animated one. Created by Paul Feig, the show’s cast included Deadpool‘s Karan Soni, AT&T Spokesperson Milana Vayntrub, and MST3K‘s Joel Hodgson and Trace Beaulieu. It ran for one brief season on the short lived Yahoo Screen streaming series, which folded not long after it came out.

And because of that hardly anyone has ever watched it.

According to Splitsider, series creator Paul Feig wants to change that though. While Yahoo Screen may be dead in the water, as Feig’s deal had the rights revert to him, he is free to shop it around to other services. The biggest challenge though is how few people have seen the show.

Yahoo did a terrible job of marketing Other Space, only running ads on Yahoo! itself. Frankly, the only reason I ever heard of it was because I saw promotions for it while watching the sixth season of Community (the only thing anyone ever watched on Yahoo Screen). Also during the initial run the series was geolocked, so pretty much no one outside of the US has seen it.

The good news is that Feig has now had the geolocks removed, and anyone can pull the series up (for free) on the Yahoo Screen app on iOS, Android, or Roku. You can also watch it on your computer too. If you’re on Tumblr, they’ve also set up “Share Other Space” as an easy way to reblog links to episodes (and have access to a nice, simple list of episodes).

If more people watch the show, we might actually have a shot at season two.

Via Splitsider

Episode 47 – The Good, the Bad, and the Unexpected

On this episodes we break things down into the Good (show renewals), the Bad (show cancellations) and the Unexpected (which is what it sounds like). Listen to and watch us celebrate iZombie, Agent Carter and Agents of SHIELD all getting new seasons. Listen to us lament the loss of Constantine… and Helix.

Then we get to Red Dwarf‘s two new upcoming series, a Myst TV show, and a thoroughly unneeded third installment in Frank Miller’s Dark Knight saga.

We also share our thoughts on No Brand Con and read the biggest mailbag in a long while.

This episode was sponsored by Zach Fisher. You can sponsor episodes too.

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Pensacola Comic Con, Pensacola, FL – Aug 8-9, 2015

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‘Community’ is Doing Paintball Again

Community returns tomorrow, now on Yahoo! Screen, and one of the questions people always ask about a new season of Community is “Will they do Paintball again?” After Seasons 1 and 2 had critically acclaimed episodes, they (mostly) skipped it in Season 3, sort of had it in the gas leak Season 4, and avoided it (wisely) in Season 5.

As for Season 6? Well, it looks like it’s happening.

Yesterday, on the Community official Facebook page, the following post appeared:

We literally know nothing else at this point beyond this simple tease, but it looks like Community‘s going back to the well… which is mostly a good thing, if they do it right.

But I don’t think Harmon would do it if he didn’t think he could.

The Full ‘Community’ Season 6 Trailer

So we all know that Community Season 6 is almost upon us, so it makes sense that Yahoo! Screen would put out a trailer with some never before seen footage. And that footage? Well, it sure looks like Community.

Which, y’know, makes sense. Because that’s what it is.

The trailer obviously pays homage to the ones for Avengers: Age of Ultron, and previews the new characters joining the slowly shrinking study group/Save Greendale Committee as this season loses both Yvette Nicole Brown and Season 5’s Jonathan Banks.

Community returns March 17th.

Episode 39 – Nick is not Sick

On this episode of Nerd & Tie we visit the DC Carnival of Sadness with news that Supergirl will be a procedural and that Zack Snyder wants a dark, gritty Green Lantern (oh, and there’s some Brainiac stuff in there too). We look forward to Community‘s season 6 premiere date, contemplate the return of The X-Files, and sing for joy at Simon Pegg co-writing the next Star Trek.

Trae also went to Nezumi Con, and talks about his experiences.

And he sings “Shake It Off.” Which you can listen to whenever you want.

Or you can go play Ski Free.

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“Community” Returns March 17th!

Community, one of the best TV shows to ever fire its show runner, re-hire its show runner, get cancelled, and then get revived by Yahoo! at the literal eleventh hour finally has announced when the show will return: March 17th.

The show will debut two new episodes on its new home Yahoo! Screen, and then release a new episode every following Tuesday.

The cast has been whittled down. Season 5 saw the loss of Chevy Chase (who Sony refuses to let back onto the lot apparently) and Donald Glover (who left to focus on his rap career and has an upcoming series called Atlanta). Season 6 will see the departure of Yvette Nicole Brown in the opening episode, as she left the show to take care of her ailing father… because Yvette Nicole Brown is one of the rare, genuinely good people in the universe. It will also lose John Oliver (who is busy with his HBO series) and Jonathan Banks (who is busy doing Better Call Saul on AMC), but there are hopes to bring the two back in guest appearances.

But Community is an ensemble show, and with six of the regular players returning, the show should still feel like the show. Paget Brewster and Keith David will be joining the ranks to fill out the program.

Dan Harmon is apparently avoiding theme episodes this season, which considering their abundance in season 5 is a small relief. If you listen to the director’s commentary on Season 5, Harmon himself wished he had spent more time on character episodes in the previous shortened season, so it’s good that he followed through with it.

Enjoy the pretty hilarious announcement video below:

Via TV.com