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The Live Action American ‘Death Note’ Is Still Happening, Has a Teaser Trailer

We’ve mentioned it a few times before, but unfortunately we have to say it again – there’s still an American live action movie adaptation of Death Note happening over at Netflix. We don’t know why it’s happening, but maybe the god’s have decided that we’ve had it too good all this time.

We’re forced to bring it up again because earlier today the streaming giant tweeted out the first teaser for the film, and it’s pretty much exactly what we expected. So we’re telling you about it. There, job done.

Can’t this all just be over already?

Death Note premieres on Netflix August 25, 2017.

Netflix Has Put Out a Trailer For the MST3K Revival

To say we’re excited about the return of Mystery Science Theater 3000 would be an understatement. MST3K was a part of all of our childhoods here at Nerd & Tie, and the thought that we’ll get to see new episodes is sort of amazing. Brought back via a Kickstarter, the revived show’s cast features Jonah Ray, Baran Vaughn, Hampton Yount, Rebecca Hanson, Felicia Day, and Patton Oswalt. Netflix opted to pick up the series, and now they’ve put out a trailer for it.

We don’t get a lot of jokes in this, but they set up the premise of how Jonah ends up trapped on the station. No idea if they’ll explain why Crow and Servo are back (as they were last seen on Earth with Mike), but I’m betting they’ll just roll past that. I mean, it’s MST3K — the theme song even tells you to “repeat to yourself It’s just a show, I should really just relax.”

The entirety of the new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 comes to Netflix on April 14th.

‘iZombie’ Season 3 Gets the Full Trailer it Deserves

The return of iZombie to The CW has seemingly been taking forever, with the show’s second season ending all the way back in April of 2016. But with the third season’s premiere date coming up pretty soon, the advertising has been kicking into gear.

And now we have an extended trailer for the season.

There’s not a lot that’s surprising here for people who have watched the show (and it includes part of a scene that happens literally minutes after the season 2 finale). The show’s dark, quirky humor is on full display, along with a tease to the season’s larger arc. Frankly, this show’s return can’t come soon enough.

iZombie season 3 premieres April 4th on The CW.

‘The Flash’ Season 4 Won’t Have an Evil Speedster as the Big Bad

Three of The CW’s current DC shows, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, have varied up their season plots, presenting different kinds of villains each season. On the other hand their fourth show, The Flash, has kind of found itself in a pattern. The villain will turn out, inevitably, to be an evil speedster who has been secretly a member of team Flash all along. Well, technically the latter part might not be true this time around, but c’mon.

We know what’s going to happen.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s still a really good show, but it’s in spite of this pattern and not because of it. The good news though is that producers may be looking to break it. The Arrowverse producers did a panel at PaleyFest, and during it they reportedly confirmed that next season’s villain will definitely not be a speedster. The Flash Podcast, who was there, tweeted out the confirmation:

This is, honestly, probably the best news we could have. I mean, The Flash has such a wonderful catalogue of villains who deserve more than the brief arcs they’ve gotten on the show so far. Maybe we’ll get a nice arc with the Rogues, or maybe Mirror Master will finally get his due.

Or, y’know, maybe something else.

Really it’s just great to know that producers don’t want the show to get stale. If a show gets too predictable, that’s when it will hemorrhage viewers. Variety will keep things fresh, and I look forward to see where the show will go.

Darkness is Drawn to ‘Midnight, Texas’ in NBC’s First Promo

If you’re wondering what a broadcast network version of True Blood would have probably looked like, look no further than NBC’s Midnight, Texas. It’s based off a different Charlaine Harris novel, but because of the shared author, the similarities are pretty clear.

Midnight, Texas is about a fictional small town full of secrets, and by “secrets” I mean vampires, were-creatures, witches, and other assorted supernatural folk. Apparently, according to the trailer at least, some sort of evil or darkness is also drawn to the town (who’d’ve thunk it), and there’s going to be some great big battle.

So, y’know, it’s just your regular small town drama. Like Northern Exposure or Ballykissangel.

Honestly, the show looks like it could be fun. I mean sure, there seems to be a lot of fog machine use, and no one sounds like they actually live in Texas, but I’m always up for a grand battle of good versus evil. Or at least “good and less evil versus evil.” Vampires always make this stuff complicated.

Midnight, Texas premieres Tuesday, July 25th on NBC.

Denver Based Steampunk Convention Anomaly Con Calls it Quits

After seven successful events, Denver, CO based steampunk convention Anomaly Con has called it quits. Organizer Kronda Siebert made a lengthy post to both the con’s official website and Facebook page explaining their reasoning. For the most part it sounds like losing ten of their twelve directors over the years (and not having replacements) was a large part of the decision. Seibert concluded the post with:

In the turmoil and uncertainty of today’s political climate, I am sorry, from the depths of my heart, that the time has come to retire AnomalyCon and let our remaining staff move on to other projects. But this is not goodbye, my friends. If AnomalyCon has made a difference for you, I hope you will go out and build safe spaces for each other. Stand together, strong, as a community, and no one can take that away from us.

I’ve always had a fond place in my heart for Anomaly Con. I was brought in as a guest for their 2013 event (some of you who mostly know me from this blog may be unaware that I’m the creator of a steampunk webcomic), and had a wonderful time there. Frankly, it was kind of a great experience, where for once as a person in my thirties I didn’t feel either too old (like I do at a lot of Anime cons) or too young (like I do at Science Fiction cons).

I’m genuinely sad to see the event go, but it’s nice to know they went out on a high note. Hopefully a new event will rise up and take its place, as clearly there’s fan demand in that market for a good con like that.

Update: Well, apparently Denver area steampunk fans don’t have to look too hard for a replacement, as a new steampunk event, Whimsy Con, has already been announced for next March.

Co-Creator of Swamp Thing Bernie Wrightson Has Died

After an extended battle with brain cancer, acclaimed horror and comic artist Bernie “Berni” Wrightson has passed away. He is survived by his wife (Liz), two sons (John and Jeffrey), and stepson (Thomas Adamson).

Wrightson is best known to fans as co-creator of DC and Vertigo comic’s Swamp Thing. He also co-created the character Destiny with Marv Wolfman (who was largely utilized in Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics), and illustrated comics for Spider-Man, Batman, The Punisher. He also provided covers for many comics, including Nevermore and Toe Tags.

Besides his work in comics, Wrightson also did extensive horror illustrations, including the poster for Creepshow and over 50 illustrations for a 1983 version of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. He was a talented man, and he shall be missed.

Wrightson was 68 years old.

Via Deadline

New York Comic Con Won’t Offer 3-Day and 4-Day Passes This Year

The organizers of New York Comic Con have now announced that their 2017 convention, scheduled for October 5th-8th, will not be selling any three or four day passes to the event. Attendees will only be able to purchase single day tickets.

Organizers explained their reasoning in a news update on their official website:

You may or may not know that the Javits Center is going to be under construction. This means we’ll be working with some space limitations and we want to make sure as many people have the opportunity to buy a ticket and come to the show as possible. Selling only single day tickets will give more fans the chance to buy a ticket for at least a day to experience the fun of NYCC.

Space limitations due to construction mean that fewer people can be in the building at any given time. If someone has purchased a three or four day pass, it means that the convention has to be able to accommodate the attendee for all the days the pass was purchased for — even if the attendee only intends on coming for some of those days.

This could potentially force the convention to turn people away at the door they won’t have to with only single day passes available.

It’s an unfortunate situation, but likely one of the only solutions available to the convention. As this limitation is due to construction at the Javits Center, in all likelyhood New York Comic Con owner ReedPOP will likely return to selling three and four day badges again in 2018.

Sony Announces ‘Venom’ Movie Out of Nowhere

Sony originally had massive plans for an explanded Spider-Man based film franchise, but that all seemed to have evaporated with the failure of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. While the studio is relaunching the franchise with Spider-Man: Homecoming, it was assumed (with that film’s integration with Marvel Studio’s MCU) that we wouldn’t see anything outside the mainline films for the series.

Well, we were apparently wrong.

Out of the blue, yesterday Sony announced that it was making a Venom movie with a release date of October 5, 2018. While there were initially rumors that Alex Kurtzman would direct, the studio has since clarified that no director is currently attached to the project. It has been confirmed that Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner are writing the script for the film though.

We know pretty much nothing else about the project, and which version of the character will be in the movie or if it will tie into the MCU are questions that are still up in the air. That October 5th 2018 release date is date DC’s Aquaman recently abandoned, and is just a couple short months before the (still untitled) animated Miles Morales Spider-Man film comes out (which Aquaman currently shares a release date with).

Frankly, this is just a lot of Spider-Man stuff. I mean, with Homecoming later this year, and its sequel greenlit for a 2019 release, this means we’re getting four Spider-Man related films in three years. This could be, quite frankly, Spider-Man overload.

I guess we’ll all find out together.

Via Screenrant

The New Trailer For ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ Wants to Know if You Fight Like a Girl

The new trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight landed yesterday, focusing on Isabela Moner’s character Izabella. Izabella is a young girl who has been apparently spending a lot of her time in a junkyard with robots — I mean, that’s what I got out of the trailer at least.

Honestly, I think someone must have pointed out to Michael Bay that the Star Wars franchise has been doing really well with women in lead action roles, and as an attempt to market to young girls this is his “close enough.” I mean, she could be a great character if handled well, but I’m not sure how much I actually trust Michael Bay to do it.

I guess we’ll find out when Transformers: The Last Knight comes out June 23, 2017.