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Snow White and the Huntsman getting a sequel… sans Snow White

Snow White and the Huntsman may not have been a very good film, but it was certainly a financially successful one. That success was due in no small part to the box office draw of Twilight‘s Kristen Stewart. Love her or hate her, she (and Twilight) have fans, and those fans made up the bulk of the film’s paying patrons.

And while the film may have been exceptionally not-good, it was still nice to see a financially successful fantasy epic with a woman as the lead.

Needless to say then, when I heard a sequel was greenlit, I was a little stupified to find out it wouldn’t feature Stewart or her character Snow White.

Because, y’know, when a film does really well despite being terrible, the one thing you want to do when making the sequel is ditch the star power that brought people into the seats in the first place. And yes, Chris Hemsworth will star in the sequel (titled, you guessed it, The Huntsman), but Hemsworth’s fans are far less devoted than Stewart’s.

All in all, it seems like the studios are trying to predesign a flop here.

Via Forbes

With Doctor Who and Intruders, August 23rd is Looking Good on BBC America

So Doctor Who, in all of its Peter Capaldi Twelfth Doctor glory, is coming back August 23rd both on BBC One in the UK and BBC America in the United States. In the United States though, we also get the premiere of the BBC America original series Intruders immediately following Doctor Who (Who airs 8pm/7pm Central and Intruders at 9pm/8pm Central).

Intruders stars John Simm (yes… THAT John Simm) and Mira Sorvino (yes… THAT Mira Sorvino), and the entire show looks deliciously dark and suspenseful. It’s based on the Michael Marshall Smith book The Intruders, and it involves a creepy little girl.

And there is nothing scarier than a creepy little girl.

(Videos Behind the Cut) Continue reading With Doctor Who and Intruders, August 23rd is Looking Good on BBC America

One Weird Trick That Will Keep You From Catching On Fire This Summer

I know it seems like every summer it’s inevitable that we all catch on fire at least once. I mean, what is July without having to scream “OH GOD, LITTLE BILLY IS ON FIRE” a few times? We all end up having to “Stop, Drop and Roll” practically as often as we have to put on sunscreen.

But what if I told you there’s a better way? What if I told you that you don’t have to be on fire this summer?

Would you listen? Continue reading One Weird Trick That Will Keep You From Catching On Fire This Summer

Gundam Spoof Comic Getting Animated, Cast announced.

We here at Nerd & Tie can’t get enough of Fat-Char, but it looks like Japan is dead-set to release an even sillier Char Aznable onto the fandom. The popular spoof comic Gundam-san is getting it’s own anime and Anime New Network just posted the cast list.

Katsuyuki Konishi: Char-san
Megumi Han: Lalah-san
Tsubasa Yonaga: Amuro-san
Kaori Nazuka: Sayla-san
Tohru Furuya: Narrator.
(See the link above for the complete cast)

Its worth mentioning Furuya was the original Amuro, while Megumi Han’s mother, Keiko, was the original Lalah.  (Although Keiko Han will be doing a supporting roll as well.)
Shuichi Ikeda, the original Char, however, is not in the cast.

The original comic wasn’t released in English, but the it was incredibly goofy.  With any luck, we’ll soon be laughing at a Char who’s supposed to be funny.

Source: Anime New Network

Pacific Rim 2 Greenlit, Animated Series In Development

Here at Nerd & Tie we’re huge Pacific Rim fans. We unanimously think it’s the best movie to come out in 2013. Heck, we think it may be the best thing mankind has ever come up with period, and that includes the vaccine for polio and water skiing.

Anyway, director and savior of our peoples Guillermo del Toro announced that Legendary Pictures has greenlit the sequel (that he was unofficially already working on a script for with Zak Penn) with an April 7, 2017 release date. Continue reading Pacific Rim 2 Greenlit, Animated Series In Development

“Life After Beth” Looks Likes The Zombie Movie You Never Knew You Always Wanted

I was unaware that what was missing from my life was a movie where Parks & Rec’s Aubrey Plaza comes back from the dead as a zombie, but there you have it. I need to see this film now, more than I can express in just this tiny box of text.

The dark comedy “Life After Beth” comes out August 15th, and also stars Dane DeHaan, John C. Reilly and Molly Shannon.

via The AV Club

First Look At Kristin Chenoweth’s Maleficent From The Descendants

We talked about The Descendants waaaay back in Episode 11 of the Podcast, but Disney has now released the first image of Kristin Chenoweth as Maleficent from it.

The Descendants, for those who don’t know, is about how Belle and the Beast (from Beauty and the Beast – duh) have been effectively running a multigenerational prison colony for all your favorite Disney villains. Those villains have now all had children, who they’ve been raising in the prison camp/colony/whatever.

You know, Bane was born and raised in a prison too…

Anyway, now that these (previously imprisoned even though they had never committed a crime) kids are teenagers, Belle and the Beast have decided to let them attend high school.

I sometimes wonder if anyone at Disney thinks about the horrible implications of stuff like this.

Via Digital Spy

Throwback Thursday: Nick Izumi takes on the Dragonball Evolution Teaser

So a new regular feature we’re adding here to Nerd & Tie is (as you’ve probably guessed) Throwback Thursday. Every Thursday we’ll be digging back into our archives to find you something entertaining… that we made a long time ago. Why?

So we don’t have to come up with something new. Get with the program.

Anyway, this week we’ve gone back into Nick’s cupboard of random videos and pulled out this gem from 2008 where he reviewed the teaser trailer for the live action film Dragonball Evolution.

It was a more innocent time. When we had hope.

Hope that this movie killed.

The First Trailer For “Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1” Is Here

The first trailer for the next Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay Part 1, is here. Set as a propaganda film made by the sinister President Snow, the trailer goes from inspirational to threatening in its tone.

And there’s a heck of a lot of white.

Like a crap ton of white.

Also, they’re promoting the tie in site

Which is even whiter than the trailer, if you can believe it.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 comes out this November, with Part 2 following in November 2015.

George Lucas’s Museum Coming to Chicago

Midwestern geeks rejoice, for George Lucas’s proposed museum (which will house his extensive movie memorabelia and art collection) is not destined for the west coast as originally thought, but instead for The Windy City (and place of my birth) — Chicago, IL.

Why not San Fransisco, where Lucas has been based for quite some time? Well, The Chicago Tribune writes:

The city got a shot at the museum because Lucas was unable to nail down an agreement for his first choice: a San Francisco bayside location on Crissy Field, part of a former Army base that was turned into an urban national park known as the Presidio. In a statement Tuesday, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee said the Presidio’s board “unwisely rejected” Lucas’ preferred site and “forced” him to consider Chicago.

The proposed site is where several parking lots sit near Soldier Field, and it still has to pass the Chicago Plan Commission… but the future for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art in the midwestern Metropolis looks good.

Let’s hope it doesn’t bother the Soldier Field tailgaters too much.

Source: Chicago Tribune