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Trailer for Syfy’s TV Adaptation of 12 Monkeys is… very 12 Monkeysish?

So January of 2015 will see the twelve episode television adaptation of the Terry Gilliam cult classic 12 Monkeys air on Syfy. I don’t know how I feel about someone remaking a Terry Gilliam movie, especially as a Syfy TV series.

Aaron Stanford will star as Cole, the part originally played by Bruce Willis. While I don’t think I ever would have thought of Nikita‘s Stanford as a believable replacement for Bruce Willis in anything, he is a talented actor… so I have hope?

I have hope.

Anyway, Syfy has put out an official trailer for the upcoming series, and at least by trailer standards, it looks pretty cool.

Via TVLine

A New Captain America Rises!

So after the announcement of Female Thor, people have been watching Marvel with a bit of curiosity it seems. And Marvel, not being a company to waste good hype, did not disappoint as they revealed a major change for yet another one of the big three Avengers. A new Captain America is coming, and its former Falcon Sam Wilson.


Now Sam was definitely the breakout character of The Winter Soldier film, so there’s no question he’s popular, but after decades of being Cap’s partner, it will be quite the change to see him as the lead for a bit. Now because Steve is my favorite superhero, it’ll certainly be something to get used to, but Sam’s such a great character it should work.

The only thing I’m not looking forward to in this is how upset every racist comic book reader is gonna be that Captain America is black.

Entertainment Weekly Reveals the Face of Ultron

The wait for news on Avengers: Age of Ultron has been very exciting. Marvel seems to have mastered the hype machine, we all know it.  Despite this, its hard not to be excited for each new tidbit we get our hands on, but boy this is a big one! Aside from giving us a great shot of Tony’s new armor and Captain America’s fantastic new uniform, Entertainment Weekly’s Comic-Con Preview cover finally gives fans a clear show of what the film’s titular villain will look like.
He’s so comic-y it almost hurts. EW also revealed a bit of the plot including Ultron’s for those of you who are interested. Continue reading Entertainment Weekly Reveals the Face of Ultron

Weird Al’s Eight Days/Eight Music Videos Continues with “Word Crimes” and “Foil”

On Monday we mentioned Weird Al was putting out eight new music videos from his new album “Mandatory Fun.” The first of which was the “Happy” parody “Tacky,” but now we’ve seen days 2 and 3… and they are hilarious.

First off is yesterday’s “Word Crimes,” a parody of Robin Thicke’s awful, awful song “Blurred Lines.” I hate the original so much due to lyrical content, so it’s kind of nice for a version I don’t hate to come around.

Today Weird Al graced us with “Foil.” Foil is a parody of “Royals” by Lorde (a song I do like).

Both are worth wasting some time with today.


William Fichtner is not the Shredder

We all know he said he’s playing Shredder in the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot, but we are now being told William Fichtner is not the Shredder.

You may now all collectively exhale.

Paramount Producer Andrew Form told Screenrant that Fichtner’s character Eric Sachs merely works for Shredder. That seems to match what we saw in the trailer, where he speaks to a shadowy figure.

And talks about taking the other dude’s armor to “the next level.”

Because the other dude in the scene is Shredder, and why were we still worrying about this.

I’m going to go get myself another Diet Coke.

Via Screenrant

Robert Orci: Not Actually Hired to Direct Star Trek 3, Producing Power Rangers?

We’ve gotten into the habit of referring to Robert Orci as the director of the third Abramsverse Star Trek film (or as I like to call it “Star Trek 3ish”), but apparently that’s not actually official just yet.

Speaking with Collider, Orci said:

I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch. The studio has yet to even read the script. I’m in the middle of writing it, with the talented team of [John D.] Payne and [Patrick] McKay. They are true Star Trek fans, as well. So, I can’t even think anything about the future until I give them a script and they greenlight it. Until that happens, everything else is just a rumor.

But even if he doesn’t end up directing (and his lack of involvement with Spider-Man 3), Orci’s still a busy guy.
You see, Robert Orci is executive producing the forthcoming Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers remake. Yes, you read that right. Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

It seems there is no remake or sequel Mr. Orci’s fingers won’t touch.

Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz (who scribed X-Men: First Class) are writing that one, so it might, much to everyone’s surprise, be a good movie too. Only time will tell.

Via Cinemablend, io9

Marvel Unveils a Woman Thor, Details Scarce

So Marvel comics announced (through “The View” of all places) that Thor (in the comics continuity) will be deemed no longer worthy of wielding Mjolnir and that a female character would be receiving the title of Thor and taking over his book.

shethor2Since Thor’s the guy’s name though, it’s a bit like being fired and finding out “Not only have you lost your job, but you’re no longer allowed to call yourself Steve.” But I digress.

The way things are worded, it sounds like this new Thor is a separate character (and not just a transformed Thor like in “Earth X”), but we really don’t know anything else. A theory floating around is that the character is Angela, a former member of the Spawn cast who (through various legal wranglings) now exists instead in the Marvel comics continuity (and is the long lost sister of Thor and Loki). There are other options, as Thor’s cast includes several Asgardian women (and it could always be someone new), but based on what we know this is what seems likely.

I’m of mixed thoughts. Mostly that Thor isn’t a name like “Superman” or “Wolverine,” it’s the guy’s actual name. And if I’m wrong, and it’s actual Thor getting transformed? Cool. I’m good with that. But the name thing aside, this seems pretty exciting. In truth I’ve only read the Thor when the character crossed into other books, so I’m not as familiar with this continuity’s version to really make a call.

Regardless though, more women superheroes is good.

Unfortunately I only expect it to last right up until the next stand alone Thor movie.

Via Screencrush

Awesome Con or Daisho Con?: A Follow-Up Investigation

Author’s Note: This is a follow-up investigation to this article, which appeared on Nerd and Tie’s megablog on Friday, July 11th, 2014, written by Trae Dorn

Wisconsin convention culture has been a rather unique rabbit for the past thirteen years. The Wisconsin con scene used to feature a wide variety of sci-fi and gaming conventions such as Gen Con (before moving to Indianapolis), West Con, Mad Media,  First Contact, and others. However, by the end of the 90s, many of them had died off.  When Gen Con moved out of state in 2002, it left a gap that was immediately filled by a new generation of smaller conventions like No Brand Con. In years that followed, multiple not-for-profit cons sprang up across the state, all generally respectful of one another’s featured guests, events, and most importantly, con dates.

The cardinal rule of the con scene in Wisconsin is that under no circumstance do you encroach on another con’s weekend.

Imagine the surprise of the Wisconsin con scene, then, when it was announced that Awesome Con, a for-profit con that began in Washington, D.C., was moving to both Indianapolis and Milwaukee. Even more surprised, still, when it was announced that Awesome Con Milwaukee would be happening the exact same weekend as an already-established Wisconsin convention, Daisho Con.

Continue reading Awesome Con or Daisho Con?: A Follow-Up Investigation

New Trailer For “Horns” Makes It Look Pretty Awesome

imageHorns, based off the book by Joe Hill, stars Daniel Radcliffe as a man persecuted by forces both natural and supernatural.

And the new poster (pictured to the right) and trailer (embedded below) looks pretty sweet.

I wasn’t really excited about this film until I watched the new trailer. But I guess that’s the whole point of trailers, isn’t it.

Horns comes out in the UK on October 31st, and somewhere thereabouts in the US as well.

I think.

We’ll find out.

Via The Mary Sue

Gail Simone Working On Relaunch of Secret Six?

Back when we talked about the new creative team on Batgirl, we mentioned that exiting-writer Gail Simone would be moving to a new, as of yet unannounced DC book.

Simone had left several hints that this new book would feature a “redhead,” but otherwise was fairly tight lipped.

Until she tweeted out the following this weekend:

The writing seemed apparent on the wall, the redhead in question is none other than Scandal Savage and the book is Secret Six.

Simone helped reboot the Secret Six in the mid-00’s, and the book’s pre-New 52 run is considered a classic. For a New 52 Secret Six to come into being would be pretty darned awesome.

And it’s looking pretty likely.