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This is our flagship podcast, and the origin of our name. The Nerd & Tie Podcast is a fortnightly adventure into the world of Conventions, Science Fiction, Comics, Anime, Movies and anything else geeky or nerdy that we can think of.

Hosts: Trae Dorn, Nick Izumi, and Gen Prock

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Nerd & Tie Mailbag!

In almost every episode of the Nerd & Tie podcast we dig into our mailbag and read letters from people just like you. If you’d like to reach out to us, just head on over to the contact form and hit us up. You can also leave a voicemail to be played on air if you dial 414-375-0480.

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For $20 you can sponsor an episode of the Nerd & Tie podcast. We’ll read your name out and everything! (If you have a different name you’d like us to say, let us know by also sending in something on the contact page). Just click on the Paypal button – it’s really that simple.