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A Roleplaying Game Actual Play Podcast based in a modern fantasy world using the Super Awesome Action Heroes system with the optional Fantasy rules expansion. Set in San Ricardo, Calisorta, the show follows the titular Stormwood & Associates, a private investigator and licensed magic user agency as they take jobs, fight off surfer ninjas, run from dragons, and maybe (if they’re lucky) save the world.

GM duties rotate among the cast members of the show.

Hosts: Trae Dorn, Nick Izumi, Gen Prock, and Kyle Johnson


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Raz Stormwood (Gen Prock)
Archetype: Soldier (r.Spy, r.Investigator)
Race: Human

A descendant of Sheriff Aesop Stormwood, Raz has recently opened a new branch of the family business in San Ricardo. Raz is probably best described as laconic, and her usual solutions are to either shoot something or just wait until everyone else shoots each other.

So far it’s given her a decent success rate.

Kel O’Reilly (Trae Dorn)
Archetype: Magic User (r.Haxor)
Race: Elf

A Jersey Elf, Kel is Raz’s adopted little brother. Orphaned as a baby, he was taken in and raised by the Stormwood family. He came out to San Ricardo to help set up the new office with Raz, but he’s not too happy about living on the west coast. Kel is the team’s hacker, and half the time spends missions just communicating over the custom comm system he cobbled together.

He also wants you to understand that he is not the receptionist.

William “Bill” Tiberius Carpathia (Nick Izumi)
Archetype: True Mystic (r.Arch Mage, r.Magic User)
Race: Human

Bill is a wizard desperately in need of a job. The son of one of the greatest Mages of the modern age, Bill is riddled with anxiety and the creeping existential dread that he’ll never live up to the potential people kept telling him he had while growing up.

Bill is very proud of his telescoping wand, which he insists is necessary (but really isn’t). You just sort of want to give him a cup of cocoa and assure him that everything will be okay.

Even if it probably won’t.

Tristan Babbitt (Kyle Johnson)
Archetype: Medic (r.Driver, r.Thief)
Race: Goblin

Originally hired as a freelancer, Babbitt is the team’s resident expert on breaking and entering. He is very, very good at it… except for the times when he isn’t.

The team doesn’t actually know much about their Goblin coworker, mostly because rather than chat, Babbitt is usually the one actually getting to work and getting things done.

He’s got a pretty good vertical leap too.

N.K. (Trae Dorn alt.)
Archetype: Ward-Smith (r.Driver, r.Haxor)
Race: Human

Originally the Haxor for Stormwood competitor ARC Team, Nicole “N.K.” Keegan recently joined Stormwood & Associates when ARC Team head (and pretty much the only other person still there) Barrow Macai went undercover with Kel on an extended mission.

N.K. doesn’t know a ton about her own past (only roughly remembering the last five years of her life), so she’s not even really sure if her name is her actual name. She does know that she likes driving fast, hacking, and gummy bears though… and that’s kind of enough.

Notable NPCs

Mara Sanchez
Archetype: Ward-Smith (r.Spy, r.Thief)
Race: Human

Mara was originally an antagonist of Stormwood & Associates who (along with her much more capable and dangerous sister Lara) is obsessed with resurrecting her dead mother using a magic ring that requires blood to fuel it. Kel talked her into joining the team mid-fight (pinning the murders that occurred on Lara — though it is unclear which sister actually did the killing).

Mara is not a magic user, but has pretty much convinced everyone that she is. Eventually this ruse will fail, but for now she’s been useful to the team… even if she does keep gathering blood in thermoses for later.

Well, that’s how she started at least. Now she’s learned how to cast wards, and spends most of her time reading vampire novels and flipping people off.

Barrow Macai
Archetype: Soldier (r.Ninja)
Race: Human

Barrow Macai runs the ARC Team, a private investigation, bounty hunting and security testing company that has been both a competitor and ally to Stormwood & Associates.

Barrow is a good guy, and he’s usually trying to do his best to help others despite his rough exterior. He found N.K. five years ago on the street with no idea who she was and gave her a place to stay, a job, and helped her create her “identity.” He prefers chasing bounties over other jobs, but he’ll take what he can get.

Oh, and he carries a sword everywhere. Like a weirdo.

The Interns

Most of the office work around Stormwood & Associates is done by the five interns who occupy a lot of the office. The interns are:

  • Amy (Human)
    Goth. Tired. The only one who does actual work.
  • Ginny (Halfling)
    Ginny is chirpy and ready to help. She’s also terrified of Mara.
  • Lucian (Elf)
  • Mike (Dwarf)
    Thinks he’s cool, but isn’t. Gets the lunch orders… wrong.
  • Brian (Human)
    Brian is a weirdo who keeps eating coffee grounds regardless of what his doctor and mom tell him. It’s weird.


Stormwood & Associates takes place in the current year in a world that’s not unlike our own. About 60% of what you know about world history is exactly the same, and the other 40% is similar enough where you probably already know the broad strokes. The main difference? Probably all the magic, though the practice of it (at least in the United States of Aremesia) is highly regulated through the issuing of Federal Magic Licenses. Beyond that, the world is also inhabited by not just humans, but also elves, dwarves, orcs, goblins and halflings. Our heroes start in San Ricardo, Calisorta — though other locations like Morris, Helada also feature prominently.

The United States of Aremesia