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This Year’s Geeky Super Bowl Ads You May Have Missed

Look, it’s commonly accepted wisdom that only a minority of nerds and geeks really care about organized sports. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with liking sports, but it’s just not as common in our community as it is in the rest of the general populace.

That said, every year during the Super Bowl ads for things us geeks are extremely interested in debut, and we really want to see them. To help out those of you who chose to skip Sunday’s game though, we’ve rounded up most of them right here… because we’re good people.

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‘A Cure for Wellness’ Looks Sufficiently Creepy

Yesterday Fox put out a new trailer for their upcoming film A Cure for Wellness, and man… is it creepy. The film, which follows a man who is sent by his company to retrieve its owner from some sort of spa/hospital in Switzerland with a very 1940s aesthetic.

Things… well… they get weirder from there.

It’s hard to say whether or not this will be a horror masterpiece, or if the screenwriter and director just pasted together every unsettling image they could come up with like some sort of film creepypasta. I mean this could either be great or an incoherent mess.

A Cure for Wellness comes out February 17, 2017.