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The Final Trailer for Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ Actually Looks Decent

Marvel’s Inhumans finally premieres this Friday on ABC, and the network has put out one last final trailer. The trailer itself goes through most of the plot if you pay enough attention, so those wanting to avoid spoilers might want to skip this one.

While reviewers haven’t been so kind to the pilot, I’m still holding out the hope that the show has just been harshly judged. Some people just seemed bothered by Medusa’s CGI hair, but honestly it’s such a nitpick I can’t help but think it’s kind of overblown. Marvel hasn’t really made a misstep yet, and I think people are just looking to find anything they can to pick it apart. Either way, we’ll all get to find out later this week.

Inhumans premieres this Friday on ABC at 8/7c.

Believe It or Not, They’re Still Trying to Remake ‘Greatest American Hero’

We last heard about an attempt to remake classic 80s superhero comedy Greatest American Hero back in 2015, but even though that version fell apart… they haven’t given up yet. Regardless of the fact that it’s a show most people under forty are only aware of having existed because of a reference in Seinfeld (which in itself is old enough where many under 25 may not remember that), they just seem to really want this to happen.

The latest news is that ABC has ordered a put-pilot for a reboot of the series. So yeah, this time around, whether it gets picked up or not, something will actually air no matter what.

There is a big difference this time around. In the new version, put together by Rachna Fruchbom and Nahnatchka Khan, rather than a white guy named Ralph, the central character will be an Indian-American woman named Meera. Meera is a fairly unremarkable woman (who apparently drinks a lot) that is handed a super suit by aliens so she can protect the planet.

It’s safe to assume hijinks of a humorous nature will ensue.

I honestly think the only reason this show has a shot is because it’s doing something slightly different with the premise. One has to ask though, was doing this show as a remake really necessary? I honestly don’t think the nostalgia is there to drive an audience. I guess the only upside is watching a bunch of racists and misogynists flip out of the race and gender swapping of the protagonist of a show they never actually watched or actually gave a crap about?

That’s getting less satisfying and more depressing these days though.

Via Deadline

The Trailer For Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ Is Super Dramatic

So the problem with taking half a week off of the site because you’re relocating to another state is that the news doesn’t just stop. While we were temporarily offline, ABC released a trailer for the upcoming Inhumans television series which comes to the network later this year.

In the trailer, apparently the Inhuman royal family has been living on the moon, and some of them are kind of tired of that. I could go into a lot more, or you could just watch the thing. Honestly, it looks pretty good, and Marvel’s television track record has been pretty solid thus far. I’m personally looking forward to it at least.

Inhumans premieres September 29th.

ABC Renews ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ and ‘Once Upon a Time’

The news keeps rolling in about the futures of our favorite shows this week, as news has now come in that ABC has officially renewed both Agents of SHIELD and Once Upon a Time. One of those we’re very happy about, the other… well… it’s complicated.

To start with the good news, after what’s been probably the best season of the show so far, knowing Agents of SHIELD will come back for yet another year is pretty great. This year’s Ghost Rider and LMD plots have been some of the show’s more solid ones, and getting to see more of the show is always appreciated.

Once Upon a Time is a little stranger though, as star Jennifer Morrison opted not to renew her contract for season seven. Also exiting the show after this season is Rebecca Mader (who played Zelena), though she’s a little less central to the shows (and hers is a little less voluntary). What it means is that whatever show is flying under the banner of Once Upon a Time next season will be something that looks very, very different to the one we’ve had for six seasons (Update: A whole bunch of other people are leaving OUaT too).

Though I’m not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing right now. I like Morrison a lot, but the show itself has gotten weaker after each successive season, and maybe altering the formula completely will shake the writers out of their slump.

But hey guys — Agents of SHIELD is still pretty great.


First Look at the Main Cast of Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’

Inhumans has had an interesting history on its march towards the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Originally planned as a film, the company pivoted the project over to television last Fall. Now, as the series slowly gets closer to its Fall premiere (which will be preceded by a theatrical release of the pilot), we’re starting to get more about the show.

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly today we have our first look at the Inhumans‘ main cast (well, minue Lockjaw). The official promotional photo gives us a pretty good look at what the show will look like:

(From Left to Right) Eme Ikwuakor (Gorgon), Ken Leung (Karnak), Anson Mount (Black Bolt), Serinda Swan (Medusa), Isabelle Cornish (Crystal), Iwan Rheon (Maximus)

Honestly, I think this all looks pretty great. It manages to evoke the right imagery of the character’s comics look while making it fit properly in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s aesthetic. What do you think?

Inhumans premieres this fall on ABC.

Update: There’s now a brief teaser for it too.

Via EW

The Cast For Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ is Coming Together Nicely

It was announced that Marvel’s Inhumans was headed to the the small screen last fall, though its pilot will still get a limited theatrical run in the late summer. Since then, we’ve known that the show was in production in Hawaii, but we had no idea who was going to be playing the lead roles.

Well, until now.

Last week we learned that Iwan Rheon, best known for Game of Thrones, would play Maximus, the brother of Inhuman King Black Bolt. This week though, we’ve managed to learn who is playing the royal couple themselves.

First off, the role of Black Bolt will be filled by Anson Mount. Mount is best known to audiences for starring in Hell on Wheels, and is an amazing actor. Considering how laconic his character Cullen Bohannon, it’s clear why he was cast as a character who never speaks.

Secondly, it’s also been announced that Serinda Swan will play Queen Medusa, wife of Black Bolt and Queen of the Inhumans. Swan is probably best known for USA’s Graceland, though she also starred in one of my favorite (underrated) series Breakout Kings. Swan is no stranger to superhero television, of course, having played DC Comic’s Zatanna on a handful of episodes of Smallville.

Honestly, right now the cast is shaping up really, really nicely. All three of these actors are pretty damned solid performers, and I don’t think we could have asked for better casting in these roles (at least out of the actors willing to do television).

Inhumans will air this fall on ABC.

Via THR, Deadline, THR

ILM Explains How They Digitally Resurrected Peter Cushing’s Tarkin For ‘Rogue One’

One of the more controversial bits of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was the digital resurrection of Peter Cushing’s Grand Moff Tarkin. Cushing passed away in 1994, but his character is central to the history of the Death Star. Not including the character in the film would have required some serious retconning no one wanted to do.

But his inclusion has its critics, some citing the moral implications (though it was done with the blessing of Cushing’s estate), though most of us just thought it was unconvincing. In ILM’s defense though, we also knew Tarkin was a CGI recreation. Perhaps the illusion is more convincing without that information.

In any case, ABC’s Nightline sat down with the folks at Industrial Light and Magic to find out exactly how the digital recreation was created. We’ve embedded the full piece from the show below, and it’s actually pretty interesting. While the effect is imperfect, it does show how close we are to truly being able to create convincing digital performances.

Y’know, for better or for worse.

Episode 86 – You Can’t Go Back Again

On this episode of Nerd & Tie we discuss The Inhumans hitting the small screen, Hayao Miyazaki coming out of retirement (again), react to the American Ghost in the Shell trailer, consider the new series Neil Gaiman is developing for Fox, and put our heads together about the possibility of a Snowpiercer television series. We also talk about what a disaster Rewind Con apparently turned out being, and Nick went to Daisho Con.

Also, Pher has a very important announcement about his future at Nerd & Tie. It’s a big deal.

Marvel’s ‘The Inhumans’ Still Headed to the Screen – Now As a TV Series

When Marvel announced Phase 3 of it’s Cinematic Universe, one of the films front and center was The Inhumans. As time went on though, and more projects got announced, the film kept getting pushed back. Eventually, The Inhumans disappeared from the schedule altogether. Seeing an adaptation of the Inhuman Royal family on screen started to seem less and less likely.

Well the project is back on now — sort of. Instead of a feature film, The Inhumans will be coming to the small screen, as a television series on ABC in the fall of 2017. It’s a sensible move, as (while the central Inhumans have yet to appear), the concept has been long established on ABC’s Agents of SHIELD for quite some time. As there’s some division in the management of the MCU between Television and Film, it means coordinating Inhuman characters between the two series will become much easier.

For those of you disappointed that you won’t be able to see The Inhumans in a theater, there’s still some good news out there. The first two episodes of the show will be filmed with IMAX digital cameras, and they will get a limited theatrical IMAX release in late Summer 2017 (just prior to their debut on television).

I’m kind of excited. Are you excited?

Via Marvel

Jason O’Mara Will Play the New Director on ‘Agents of SHIELD’

At the end of Agents of SHIELD‘s third season it was revealed that Coulson had been demoted from his role as Director of SHIELD, leaving the question as to who had replaced him. And while we still don’t know the name of the new Director, we do know who’s going to play him.

Deadline is reporting that Jason O’Mara will be playing the as-of-yet unnamed character, who reportedly has “Marvel roots [that] go back to the 1940s.”

O’Mara is probably best known to geeks as the voice of Batman in half a dozen of DC animated films, along with starring in Terra Nova, the US adaptation of Life on Mars, and some other shows which probably got cancelled after one season. Oh, and Monarch of the Glen — he was totally Fergal the wolf guy on Monarch of the Glen.

It’ll be interesting to see who exactly the heck O’Mara is playing this time around when Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC in the Fall.

Via Deadline