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Confirmed: Gabriel Luna Will Play Ghost Rider on Agents of SHIELD

Earlier this month we posted about the likelihood of the Robbie Reyes incarnation of Ghost Rider appearing on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD this upcoming season. Well, it looks like that rumor is not only true, but we also know who is going to play him.

Marvel has now officially announced that Gabriel Luna will take on the role this fall.

As we said last time, the version of Ghost Rider which will feature in Agents of SHIELD is not the same character who was played by Nicholas Cage in two films previously — instead a different character who took on the mantle later in the comics. It’s a pretty shrewd move, allowing the IP to be used immediately, while saving the Johnny Blaze character for future, potential film installations.

Agents of SHIELD returns this Fall on ABC.

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Could Ghost Rider Appear on ‘Agents of SHIELD?’

While rumors previously swirled regarding Ghost Rider appearing on Agents of SHIELD, there was very little to go on before. Now though, it appears to be far more likely… though it won’t be the incarnation of Ghost Rider you’d expect.

A casting call has gone out for what TV Line describes as “a pair of Latino brothers, one of whom is always the most dangerous person in the room, the other paralyzed in a wheelchair.”

While people only familiar with the Johnny Blaze version of Ghost Rider might not see the link here, as ComicBook.com points out, that does appear to be a pretty apt description of the Robbie Reyes version of the character (and his brother Gabe).

Using a lesser known version of the character is pretty smart, as it allows the show to use a big name character while still saving Johnny Blaze for a larger project down the road. And it’s true that this could all be a coincidence, as the casting call is vague enough to also apply to an original pair of characters.

But personally I’m optimistic.

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Episode 73 – Making it Harder

On this episode of Nerd & Tie, Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War is closing in on one billion dollars, Agent Carter has been cancelled by ABC, and Supergirl is getting a second season along with a new network. The convention scene’s where the interesting news is a though, as Anime Midwest is sharing space with a Porn convention, Santa Fe Comic Con’s staff has a PR disaster on their hands, and Anime Expo is requiring vendors to pay for background checks.

Sh*t just got real.

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ABC Has Cancelled ‘Agent Carter,’ ‘Most Wanted’ Won’t Happen Either

It’s a sad day for the ABC corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While flagship show Agents of SHIELD has been renewed for another season, things haven’t fared so well for… really anything else on the network?

THR is reporting that ABC has officially cancelled Agent Carter after two seasons. The series, starring Hayley Atwell, had fairly low ratings this last season, so while it’s incredibly depressing to see it go, the writing’s been on the wall for a while.

In the same report it was revealed that potential Agents of SHIELD spinoff Most Wanted won’t be continuing forward either. Most Wanted would have starred Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood reprising their roles as Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter.

This is, of course, highly disappointing. Agent Carter left off on a cliffhanger and Blood and Palicki were written off of Agents of SHIELD to make way for Most Wanted. Hopefully their stories will find a way to be resolved elsewhere. I’d say more, but I have to go sit in my room while REM plays on a loop like Brenda did in that one episode of 90210 after she and Dylan broke up.


Freeform Orders Marvel’s ‘Cloak and Dagger’ to Series

In what is a fairly familiar story, people have been trying to adapt Marvel Comic’s Cloak and Dagger to screen for a while now. Most notably ABC was trying to bring it to series in 2011 (alongside Jessica Jones). Well the series is finally going to see the light of day, and like Jessica Jones it won’t be on ABC as was originally intended.

Of course, unlike the aforementioned Jessica Jones the series isn’t landing on Netflix — instead on the family friendly Freeform network (which you may remember as its previous name ABC Family).

Those hoping for a “dark and gritty” version of the characters may end up disappointed, but the romance angle of the property fits well into Freeform’s targeted 14-34 year old demographic (which apparently gets referred to as the creepy sounding label of “Becomers”).

This will be Freeform’s first live action Marvel property, co-produced by Marvel Studios and ABC Signature Studios. No one has been signed on to write the project yet, though the search is under way. It’s also not known whether or not the series will take place in the MCU along with ABC and Netflix’s shows.

It will be interesting to see where this one goes.

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Agents of SHIELD Spin-Off ‘Most Wanted’ Gets an Official Synopsis

The Agents of SHIELD spin-off Most Wanted has had a rocky road so far. From being in development to being cancelled to being re-greenlit, it’s been a bit of an adventure. All we’ve known about the show so far is that Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood would reprise their characters Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter, and that Delroy Lindo was also joining the cast as a TV version of comics character Dominic Fortune.

Well, we now have an official synopsis for the series, thanks to Deadline:

Centers on Bobbi Morse (a.k.a. Mockingbird) and Lance Hunter of “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., two ex-spies and ex-spouses who are on the run with no friends, no S.H.I.E.L.D. and a long list of enemies looking to claim a bounty on their heads. Able to trust no one but each other, Bobbi and Hunter form an uneasy alliance with Dominic Fortune, a rogue adventurer with a wealth of resources and even more adversaries, who agrees to protect them so long as they help him with his own agenda. These two heroes will help anyone in need, all while trying to uncover the conspiracy that put their own lives in jeopardy.

While it’s nice to know what the heck is going on, this in many ways gives us more questions that answers. Like, what exactly happens to make Bobbi and Hunter unable to ask SHIELD for help? Is SHIELD going to fall? Are the two going to get framed for something?

I guess we’ll find out if the pilot gets picked up.

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Delroy Lindo to play Dominic Fortune on Marvel’s ‘Most Wanted’

We’ve known since last spring that a spinoff of ABC’s Agents of SHIELD was in development which would star Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood as their characters Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter. It was on the back burner for a while, but news came out that the spinoff (now titled Most Wanted) was being ordered to pilot a couple weeks ago.

Well, we’re finally getting the first casting news about the show, as TVLine is reporting that Delroy Lindo has been cast in the show as Dominic Fortune.

Dominic Fortune first appeared in the comics in 1975, and is best described as a globe trotting adventurer. At least that’s how I’d describe him, and I’m the one writing this article. Delroy Lindo is a talented actor, and brings a very strong gravitas to the part. I look forward to watching it, assuming the spinoff gets picked up.

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The Adam West ‘Batman’ Series is 50 Years Old Today

Fifty years ago today, the first episode of Batman aired on ABC. The series starred Adam West as the titular Caped Crusader and Burt Ward as his sidekick the Boy Wonder Robin. The show would go on to run three seasons totaling 120 episodes, spawn a feature film, and crossed-over with The Green Hornet. It was, frankly, amazing.

And it is literally my favorite version of Batman.

I obviously didn’t grow up with the first airing (I was born in 1980), but it ran in repeats throughout my childhood. When I thought of Batman, I thought of Adam West. I knew every episode by heart, and it really defined who Batman was for me as a kid. It’s why I later got into comic books, even if said comics decided to take my hero in a very different direction.

So cheers to you, Batman (or as it gets called these days Batman ’66). You’re a Gotham city mostly seen in sunlight, protected by a hero more focused on hope and bizarre detective work than the grimdark interpretations that followed. You’ll always be my Batman.

(And just because we can’t end this without one of the greatest theme songs ever written…)

Agents of SHIELD Spin-Off ‘Most Wanted’ Gets a Pilot Order

The last we heard of the proposed Lance Hunter/Bobbi Morse spinoff of Agents of SHIELD was that it was no longer in development. Well, the show (which would star Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood) has come back from the dead with the title Most Wanted, and it’s getting a pilot.

Paul Lee, president of ABC, announced that the pilot had been ordered at the 2016 Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour. Jeffrey Bell and Paul Zbyszewski are still the driving creative force behind the show, and if it gets picked up to series, they will be show-running the project.

Palicki and Blood have both been brilliant on Agents of SHIELD, so the idea that we’d get more of them on a regular basis has me optimistic. We’ll see what happens.

Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC this spring.


‘Agent Carter’ Season 2 Premiere Pushed Back? Thanks Obama.

Agent Carter had a pretty damned solid first season, so we were pretty excited a little while back when Season 2 got a January 5th premiere date. Well, our dreams may have been for naught though, as ABC just announced we’ll now have to wait until January 19th to see Peggy and Jarvis again.

The reason for the delay has nothing to do with the show itself, and everything to do with scheduling of this year’s State of the Union. That’s right, it’s all the President’s fault.

The premiere will still be a two hour event (airing at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central), so go ahead and dry your tears. In the meanwhile, here are a couple of promos we hadn’t shared yet (although they still list the old premiere date):