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So Universal’s ‘Dark Universe’ Is Pretty Much Done

Universal has been desperately trying to create a shared monster movie universe for years, and after a couple of false starts (and contradictory stories), they finally got the thing moving this year with The Mummy. Unfortunately, The Mummy was also terrible.

Critically lambasted and with a disappointing domestic box office, the few people who might still have been excited about this franchise have been worried. Things didn’t look good for the Dark Universe, and now the final nails may be going into its coffin.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the main creative team behind the Dark Universe, Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan, have now left the project. Additionally, preproduction stopped on Bride of Frankenstein in October, which would have been the next film made in the series. Needless to say, there’s no word on the Wolfman and Invisible Man films.

Universal isn’t giving up hope on making a shared monster movie universe, but it really looks like the Dark Universe plan is dead in the water.


Wait, There Really IS a New ‘Star Trek’ TV Series in Development?

Guys, there’s a new Star Trek TV show in development. No, I’m not talking about the attempt to make more Star Trek: Renegades. And I don’t mean that it’s “in development” like Michael Dorn’s attempts to convince someone to make a “Captain Worf” show.

I mean there’s a Star Trek TV show honest to god in development by the actual right’s holder CBS.

According to THR, Alex Kurtzman, who co-wrote 2009’s Star Trek and its sequel into Darkness, is developing a new Star Trek TV series. Literally nothing is known about the show’s content, as they don’t even have someone picked to write it. One has to assume (with Kurtzman’s involvement) that it will be set in the new universe established in the 2009 film — although we technically can’t even be sure of that.

The show is actually being developed for CBS’s “All Access” service, and would be available online instead of over the air. Considering the CBS branded streaming service is pretty much “all the shows on broadcast you can’t get on Hulu” right now, it’d be a pretty big addition (and incentive to purchase) the service.

What it comes down to is that after too far long an absence, Star Trek is coming back to television (mostly), and that could be amazing.


The show is scheduled to premiere January 2017 on CBS itself, but then all the subsequent episodes would come out on All Access.


Universal creating “Cinematic Universe” for Monster Movies, because that’s totally what we needed.

Combined Cinematic Universes are very “in” right now with the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC’s weird dual TV/Movie situations. Universal, not to be left out has decided to create their own. But they don’t own any comics the way Disney and Warner Brothers do.

But they do have quite a few monster movie franchises.

Universal has hired Chris Morgan and Alex Kurtzman to mastermind the plan, and I honestly am looking forward to find out whatever weird thing they end up coming up with. I probably won’t go see it, but I want to know what it is.

It all starts with Dracula Untold this October, then followed by the new Mummy film in 2016. Of course, if these guys really want their cinematic universe to pick up, they’ll need to release more than one movie every two years.

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