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Episode 92 – Bat/Bad Dads

On this episode of Nerd & Tie we mourn the passing of Richard Hatch, celebrate the joy that is The Lego Batman Movie, consider Ben Affleck’s departure from The Batman‘s director’s chair, and prematurely miss Peter Capaldi leaving Doctor Who. Then it’s on to the con scene, where Eternal Con organizer Frank Patz has gotten himself banned from New York Comic Con (and all ReedPop events), STX Brazos Valley Comic Con guests are getting charged for hotel rooms that were supposedly paid for, and Crunchyroll has decided that Northern California totally needs another anime convention.

Just like most of us need another hole in the head.

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Richard Hatch Has Passed Away

We’re sad to report that earlier today actor Richard Hatch passed away in his Santa Clarita home. Hatch had been battling pancreatic cancer for some time.

Hatch is best known to fans for his performances as Apollo on the original 1978 Battlestar Galactica and Tom Zarek on the 2004 Syfy remake of the series. He also made regular convention appearances (and prior to Syfy’s remake attempted to revive Galactica on multiple occasions).

Richard Hatch was 71 years old.


‘Battlestar Galactica’ Reboot Still On, Michael De Luca Hired to Produce

Way back in episode 19 of the podcast (y’know, before we started blogging) we talked about how Universal wants to reboot Battlestar Galactica as a new movie franchise. I mean, never mind that the last reboot (which was a very successful tv series you may have heard of) ended less than a decade ago — Universal sees space opera money on the table and they want it.

And they’re too lazy to come up with something new.

Well, the project had gone dormant for a while, so we had hoped it would just fade away like the Buffy remake or Billy Zane’s hairline*. But sadly, this is not the case, as Universal has apparently now hired Michael De Luca (The Social Network, Moneyball) to spearhead the film as Producer. Jack Paglen had already written a script last we heard, but who knows if that’s still being used.

God I hope this doesn’t keep going. Sometimes it’s okay to just leave things alone, y’know?

Via Den of Geek

* (that felt mean – I’m sorry Billy Zane. You know I unironically loved The Phantom. I’d “Slam Evil” with you any day… and yes I had that poster on my wall.)

Episode 19 – Insert David Goyer Joke Here

On this episode we talk about Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier, the current arc on Agents of SHIELD, David S. Goyer’s comments on the (lack of a) DC Cinematic Universe, Battlestar Galactica getting a reboot, Amazon buying Comixology, the upcoming No Brand Con, and we let Nick talk about… Megan Fox?

Yep. This is a thing.

A thing that has happened.