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Colossus and Angel Dust Will Appear in ‘Deadpool’

According to Screencrush, Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds in the titular role, will include fellow Marvel characters Colossus and Angel Dust.

There is no word if Daniel Cudmore will reprise the role of Colossus from the X-Men films, but actress (and former mixed martial artist) Gina Carano has been cast as Angel Dust. Most comics fans are familiar with Colossus, but Angel Dust is a more obscure — first appearing in 2002 as one of the Morlocks.

But hey, as long as the part is well written, it doesn’t really matter.

Via Screencrush

First Look at Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool Mask

We got one of our first peeks at the long in development (but finally happening) Deadpool film today, when star Ryan Reynolds tweeted out an image which (while in sepia) shows part of the prototype of the titular character’s mask.

There’s not much else to say beyond sharing the photo, really:

Deadpool won’t hit theaters until 2016, and is currently in production in Vancouver.

‘Deadpool’ To Start Filming In Vancouver

Those hoping for a Deadpool film have had a rough ride – but it looks like everything is finally coming together. It was happening, then it wasn’t, then leaked test footage got released, then Fox said “Holy crap look at all the money we could make” and put the project back on track.

It’s insanity.

It seems though that the Ryan Reynolds led film (which is due out in February 2016) will finally begin filming this March. The place? Vancouver.

Which happens to be Reynold’s hometown.

So, y’know, fun and exciting.

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Episode 30 – Prophet of Doom

On this episode of Nerd & Tie, we webcast to a live audience for the first time! We also talked about Supergirl coming to CBS, a Teen Titans TV show on TNT, Obi-Wan Kenobi getting his own flick, Deadpool FINALLY getting his own movie, Agent Carter showing up in Agents of SHIELD, Chris Evan’s future as Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy appearing in Avengers 3, and a Firefly film that amazingly doesn’t suck.

Seriously, you should watch it.

It’s pretty awesome.

Also we talk about the “Ender’s Game” movie from a while back at the beginning. Because Trae made the mistake of watching it.


Deadpool is a remarkably popular character in Marvel comics, yet beyond his appearance in the so-awful-it-was-largely-retconned-away Wolverine Origins film, he’s somehow managed to avoid the box office. Fans may finally rejoice though, as Variety is reporting that that a Deadpool movie is now officially happening.

How official? Fox has given it a release date of February 12, 2016. That’s pretty darned official.

Tim Miller is slotted to direct, with Lauren Shuler Donner and Kevin Feige producing. Right now there is no word as to whether or not Ryan Reynolds will reprise the role, but that’s definitely the fan favorite choice at the moment.

It’s kind of amazing.

Via Variety