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Episode 77 – Vanishing into the Ether

On this episode of Nerd & Tie (after we finish talking about Pokemon Go and get to the actual content) we talk about Star Trek‘s Abramsverse getting renamed the “Kelvin Timeine,” John Cho’s version of Hikaru Sulu being confirmed as gay (and all the fall out associated with it), Pacific Rim 2 finally getting a release date, Netflix greenlighting a remake of Lost in Space, how the Tetris movie will be the first in a trilogy, and how Sukoshi Con has cancelled all of their future conventions.

That’s right, Sukoshi Con is done forever.

Also, go Team Valor.

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John Cho’s Hikaru Sulu Will Be Revealed as Gay in ‘Star Trek Beyond’

The Star Trek franchise has, for reasons that boggle the mind, always avoided any statements on homosexuality. It seems odd for an otherwise extremely progressive show, but beyond a few minor examples (almost all exclusively in Deep Space Nine), it’s almost never come up. That’s why it’s kind of a big deal that the upcoming Star Trek Beyond will reveal that one of its main characters is gay.

And that is, of course, John Cho’s Hikaru Sulu.

While it won’t be a major focus in the film, Cho’s version of Sulu will be revealed to be in a same sex relationship with another man, raising a daughter. Cho, while speaking to the Australian Herald Sun, said, “I liked the approach, which was not to make a big thing out [of] it, which is where I hope we are going as a species, to not politicize one’s personal orientations.”

Of course, not everyone is happy about the change – including the original actor to play Sulu, George Takei. Continue reading John Cho’s Hikaru Sulu Will Be Revealed as Gay in ‘Star Trek Beyond’